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Core Exiles

Explorers League now Active

by coops
    Last Month was a busy one for us over at Core-Exiles. Derelict Exploration was released, this enabled players to begin collecting Explorers League Faction by exploring Derelict ships. Of course it wouldn't be Core-Exiles without a slew of new add-ons to go with the latest release. Over 70 new items entered the game ranging from Docking Collars to Scanners to new 'personal Load-out' items. Plus 100's of new Schematics and Blue Prints.

July also saw another 'Stomp The Staff' event where we gave away over 6 Million!! units of fuel to players. Over 1500 mech combats took place between the Staff and the players and all in the name of Fun! Of course we gave away hundreds of $'s of CE store Certificates and prizes during the event.

August is shaping up to be another bumper month so keep your eyes on our Dev posts and come on over and pay us a visit.
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