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by Cubicverse
Cubicverse is a full role playing game running directly in your browser, doesn't require any plugin and yet offers an experience similar to those isometric role playing games which made history. The game includes an infinite 3D procedurally generated world mixed with staff and user created maps.
You can walk seamlessly across the whole world, never having to wait for a map load (unless you teleport yourself), and yet explore our ever growing universe.

The game runs in an alternate medieval fantastic universe, where magic exists but will require some efforts to gain, where you are able to craft your own items or gather them from your adventures and combats, explore mines and dungeons, meet new people and follow quests and missions.

However the game doesn't stop here, it also offers an area open to player modifications, letting them modify the map at their will, create their own missions and stories and let other player visit it.

The game is free to play, forever, with later on a premium membership which will unlock special abilities.

Join us now, and help us build a new fantastic universe

Main features:
Infinitely sized world
Play as much as you want
Free to play
Interact with other players
Quests and missions
Battles against monsters
Multiple type of areas
Craft your own equipment
Brew your potions
Melt your ore
Live chat
Full 3D world
Isometric rendering
Player owned / handled areas
Player written quests
Constant updates / improvement

To download the game client please go to the link provided below. The game client is NOT necessary to play the game since it can be played directly from the website but the game client loads the map a lot better than the website does. It is recommended to use the game client.