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News of Virtonomics project for the last year: novelties, competitions and other important events

by virtonomics
September 2013: "Greek Weeks" Trade Contest
August 2013: Introduction of new country - Greece, and also new retail goods - Olive oil and Canned olives
July 2013: The "Summer Construction Crew" action on construction of cities by players on the world map (27 cities in 12 countries are introduced)
June 2013: Securities market start
May 2013: Update of game political component - introduction of Governors. New branch - Aircraft construction
April 2013: Contest among players: Mister Virtonomics-2013 (the winner - mon4a, Russia)
March 2013: Electric Power reform
February 2013: Creative contest for the Services sector enterprises
January 2013: Introduction of new crops - Coffee, and accompanying retail goods: Natural coffee, Instant coffee, Power drinks, Coffee machines. Expansion of fish resources - Oysters, Pearls and Pearl jewelry made from it, and also introduction of Liqueurs
December 2012: Venezuela - the new country on Virtonomics map
December 11, 2012: Virtonomics project is 6 years old!