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Producers and Traders

New Town at Producers & tRaders

by Canion
    On New Years Eve not only the corks have popped, the online game Producers & Traders were also a new city opening that was celebrated. After Zasterhausen and Gravy Train has now been established in this fast-growing game the third city. Grosch Home is a nice, welcoming city name that offers some new opportunities for newcomers.

Million customers Approximately 1 await you as a player, if you placed your production or sale in this city. Especially for beginners this is the perfect time to durchzustarten immediately successful. As in any city, so also gets Grosch home with rabbits, clay, precious wood, coffee beans and cherries 5 exclusive raw materials, which are producible only in this city, are, however, required in the other cities.


Who's absolute fan of construction and trading simulations, Producers & Traders should definitely allude times, you will be delighted. 2,600 players have already registered, around 300-400 players online every day - since the haggling is fun!

Features at a glance:

Currently 3 cities

Currently 19 different production buildings
Currently 21 shops
Currently more than 260 different products
Advertising space for rent