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GTA Diamond Casino Update – Everything You Need to Know

The Diamond Casino is a statement addition to GTA Online, and there will be a lot to do for players who find themselves there. Since the launch of GTA 5 back in 2013, GTA Online has enjoyed a tremendous rise, with Rockstar constantly adding content. One of the biggest additions was in July 2019 when Diamond Casino and Resort was opened.

GTA Online players now have plenty of possibilities courtesy of the Diamond Casino, but they will need to have a lot of money to put up with the myriad of resources and services available. For players unable to play GTA 5 in their countries, Diamond Casino presents the perfect opportunity.
If you’re wondering what the Diamond Casino is all about, here is all the information you need.

Missions in GTA Online

Players on VIP membership have access to two missions; Co-op and Work Missions. Co-op Missions are tougher but better rewarding compared to the more straightforward Work Missions. Co-op Missions are characterized by an overarching storyline, and can only be given by the owner of Diamond Tao Cheng, to be played in Co-op with no options for single players. Work Missions can be taken simply by talking to Agatha Baker.

Diamond Casino Heist

GTA Online has also a fun heist revolving around the Diamond Casino. Online players are not necessarily required to own a penthouse to perform the Diamond Casino Heist, but rather they’ll need to buy one of the six arcade properties. The arcade properties range from between $1.5 to $3.5 million in value, but a player needs only one. After purchasing an arcade and stocking it with multiple video games, players can go ahead with plans to break into the secure vault in the Diamond Casino.

Gambling in GTA Online

The most amazing thing about the Diamond Casino is the rich variety of gambling games for players. Players can exchange money for chips to play Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Three Card Poker, and Inside Track. A free-to-spin activity is also available daily on the Lucky Wheel, where numerous prizes like GTA dollars, discounts, clothes, and many other prizes can be given.
However, owing to different gambling laws regulating the industry in many countries, gambling is not authorized in GTA Online in some countries like China, South Korea, Greece, among others.

Waiting Time

The one point to keep in mind with multi-player options is that you might sometimes have to wait for a little longer till other players join a room, and you can finally start the game. However, most casinos have multiple rooms online at any given time, so this waiting period is not too bothersome.

GTA 5 Online Unlimited Spin-The-Wheel

The Lucky Wheel is a daily activity, but there is a bug that facilitates multiple wheel spins for players to get the prizes they want. Every system has a unique way of doing it as described below.

Xbox – Spin the wheel and if it does not bring the desired prize, press the home button quickly, find GTA 5, then press ‘menu’ and exit the game.

PS4 – Spin the wheel and press home. Wait for the prize and if you do not like it, select ‘close application’.

PC – Spin the wheel and if the desired prize does not appear, hit the shortcut to exit the game.

Repeating this process on each system allows players to boot game, back up, and spin the wheel again without waiting for 24 hours.