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OSRS June Updates - What's Coming

All the news and updates released or coming soon.

Old School RuneScape is still going strong. Considering how old the game is, having so many players online every day is astonishing. What is even more impressive is that the game is still seeing constant updates and more content added to the game. Old School RuneScape has a small team working on it. Most of Jagex's (the developer) team is focusing more on RuneScape 3. However, that hasn't stopped the Old School RuneScape team from providing new content.

Not only do they provide more content they are also very vocal with the community. They will do Q&As, listen to feedback, let players vote on patches, and many other things. The most important thing is that they provide news and updates to the players throughout the month to highlight what they are working on.

For example, many new things, big and small, are coming out in June. This month will introduce another method to gain more OSRS gold per hour. This article will compile and give a general overview of what has been talked about this month.

Giants' Foundry

The Giants' Foundry is a brand-new safe zone where players may create enormous weapons. You'll work on Kovac's orders here, selecting the ideal sword design, deciding on a suitable-level metal to work with, and meticulously forging the blade with a range of equipment.

Every order will have two customer demands. For example, they may request a sword with the words "narrow" and "spiked." You'll need to choose a mould from Kovac's massive Mould Library that accurately matches the description given. The better your sword is, the closer its resemblance to the requested mold.

New Quest

Before you can access the Giants' Foundry, you have to meet certain requirements. First, you will need 15 Smithing and have to be a member. Next, you will need to complete the quest "Sleeping Giants." Once that quest is completed you will gain access to the Giants' Foundry, 6,000 Smithing Experience, and 1 Quest Point.

The Smiths' Uniform

This uniform can be purchased from the Giants' Foundry Reward Shop for 15,000 Foundry Reputation. Wearing this entire uniform will give a 100% chance to speed up Smithing actions by 1 tick. Individual pieces provide a 20% chance each.

Colossal Blade

This enormous two-handed blade can be purchased from the Reward Shop for 5,000 Foundry Reputation. It will require 60 Attack to wield and comes with a unique passive. The max hit damage will increase depending on the enemy's size. The bigger they are, the more damage the sword will do.

New Mobile Client

Near the end of the month, a new mobile client will be released. This client will offer a lot of quality of life improvements and new features. It will make things much easier to understand on the player's end. They are adding buff bars, fishing spot indicators, HUD improvements, and agility helpers just to name a few.

New Features

The new client will also have more changes to the UI that the players have been asking for. Players will now be able to see text above an item on the ground and the ability to see how much OSRS GP an item is worth in real-time. Knowing the OSRS gold price of an item is great for newcomers. The new mobile client will have better social tools and interaction. A lot more is coming in this update and the near future.

PvP Arena Reward Changes

PvP Arena rewards are also changing this month. Players felt that some of the rewarded armor sets would negate their gear. Some were also confused that it might provide too much benefit in PvM (Player vs Monster). This massive news update goes into great detail on what is changing with certain OSRS items. To check out the full change log, go to the official news post.


In short, the main thing players can look forward to is the Giants' Foundry. This was released early in the month and offered ways to get more OSRS gold. It's a fun little activity to help increase smithing and comes with a few rewards. A new mobile client is also being released, offering a host of new features and quality of life improvements. That's all of the major highlights so far in June.

There was also some info involving third-party clients and a Q&A, but they offered little information for the most part. June seems to be a slow month for Old School RuneScape, but I'm sure players will appreciate the little things. What are your thoughts on the upcoming updates? Let us know what you think in the comment section.