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Why is MMORPG so popular?

Every few years new trends emerge in the gaming market that is fuelled by new ideas and advancements in technology. With its origins in the console and PC games industry, gaming then moved on to smaller hand-held games. When that fascination took a back seat, the consoles made a comeback, this time with better graphics. Simultaneously, the mobile gaming world gained success as phones got bigger and better. Now, there is a sense of nostalgia that is still attached to classic gaming, and the knowledge of a new physical game like the recently declassified CIA training board game does create a buzz and excitement among enthusiasts of all ages. Similarly, on the digital format, there has been a surge of enthusiasm associated with MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games that have caught on like fire with thousands of gamers playing around the world at the same time.

Role Play

The popularity of MMORPG is due to many reasons. The fact that it allows gamers to take on a persona that is a bit fantastical and a far cry from everyday life is one of the primary ones. The worlds that are a part of these role-playing games give users the option to act out their fantasies. From being a crime lord in Mafia City H5 to becoming a trained assassin out for revenge, the possibilities are endless with the bonus of being able to strengthen the characters as the game progresses. An ideal escape from the reality of life, MMORPG act as stress relievers, and since strategy forms an essential aspect of the plot, the complexity of the games prove to be a lot more detailed and in-depth.


Previously, video games came across as anti-social. Children and adults would remain cooped up in their rooms playing day and night. While the location is still the same, MMORPG allows for a lot of interaction between players. For an introvert who might find it hard to socialise in the real world, games give a reason to communicate and form friendships that are based on common interest. In addition to this, new games like Bless Unleased releasing in 2019, means a chance to network with new gamers and not just someone local, but communication can be with people who are living in other parts of the world. Think of it as a form of social media, but with a focus on game playing.


Unlike the traditional console games which have an ending, one of the most significant advantages of MMORPG is that they allow for endless gameplay. With different worlds to be discovered and miscellaneous quests and journeys being a part of the story, the longevity of the game allows for users to commit to something they enjoy and love. Recently, the makers of Destiny made changes to their game to limit the playing time spent by players. This move had the community up in arms because of which in their latest edition the company went back to providing options for unlimited play. Game players are a passionate group, and MMORPG has allowed them to thrive by bringing together members from different countries, irrespective of their backgrounds, to a familiar place where they can live out their fantasies, practice their skills, and have a good time.