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Starburst Slots – A review

Online gaming in the United Kingdom is growing exponentially and one of the driving factors behind that growth is the popularity of online slot machines. Despite a government crackdown on the remote sector, online betting in the UK has seen revenues rise by 10.1% in the last financial year. Here we take a look at a current favourite among online slot players – Starburst Slot and see if it’s sweet or sour.


Starburst Slots immediately grabs the attention if the player due to the vibrant colours, but the classic fruit machine layout of this game also pays a nostalgic tribute to games of the past.


Some online slot games have been guilty of straying too far from their roots in recent times, losing the authenticity of a traditional slot game. If consumers wanted an enthralling narrative or an RPG they’d turn to Netflix or their PlayStation. With Starburst, the creators Netent have gone back to basics and returned to what made slots appealing originally. The simplistic gameplay has a space-based theme with what Wink Bingo describes as ‘intergalactic shining stars and dazzling gemstones’. However, they’re more of an aesthetic feature rather than an overriding theme and it’s easy to play this game without distraction or getting bogged down with strange extras.


Simplicity reigns supreme for this slot but it keeps just enough intrigue to keep players interested and coming back for more. Starburst has all the bonus features of the best online slots including scatter symbols, wilds and some rather good bonus rounds.


Starburst seems like a game that gives the player plenty of chances to win. The traditional 10 win lines and 3 rows run from right to left as well as left to right which does give you more chance of winning. The stack feature gives the player another chance to win and only requires 3 stacked symbols one on top of another. The wild feature provides the chance to activate re-spins, and all-in-all this game seems to offer a good chance of success.

Could do better?

The games 3D graphics are designed to make the player feel as though they’re flying through space, and whilst this isn’t a terrible idea, it’s something the game could probably do without. If you’re playing for an extended period of time then it’s something that will undoubtedly begin to irk you. However that’s a minor sticking point of Starburst and is one negative that other slots would be happy to have.

The Verdict: 8.5/10

Getting a 10/10 is nigh on impossible when rating online slots, and if you ever see a rating of 10 be sure to check its validity! Yet 8.5 is a fantastic rating to receive and highlights the success of Starburst. The simplicity of the game and the throwback to traditional fruit machines certainly make it a winner and other games could learn from this stripped-back approach. However, the main thing that makes this game a success is the chance to win that it offers the player. If a slot is fantastically designed, interactive and entertaining but doesn’t give you much chance to win, then you’re not going to play it very often. On Starburst a win never seems far away and it keeps you playing by regularly rewarding you. Ditch the overly-complicated slots now and give Starburst a try.