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Clash of Kingdoms New Server Gift Packs

Price: 10 Gold
Exchange Code for Gift Pack, the total amount of Gift Codes is limited as 200.

Upon exchanging your code in Clash of kingdoms, you will receive the following:

Crescent Pearl X5:
Exchange for 1000 to 10,000 Wood, Stone, Iron and Food. The longer the server is open, the higher the exchange rate.

Craftsmen's Manual I X5:
Decrease building time for one project by 1 hour. Multiple Craftsmen's Manuals can be used per project.

Wooden Token X1:
For 1 day after using the Wooden Token, use the Arrive Exactly function during deployment for free.

Mithril X3:
Required for enhancing Gear. The higher the enhance level of the Gear, the more Mithril needed.

Martial Strategies X5:
Increase a designated Hero's EXP by 1000 points.


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