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Desert Operations Diamonds

Price: 35 Gold
Desert Operations Diamonds
Diamonds are a currency you can purchase in game to receive special features to advance your game play experience. With Diamonds you can unlock many features!

35 Gold = 10 Diamonds a $4.99USD Value!

General Status which gives you the advantage to the following:
 Agent: The agent constructs while you are offline
 Battle Simulator: With just a few clicks you can simulate planned battles
 Extended Memo: Formatting of texts and pictures in a text processing program

You can use your Diamonds to exchange for more in game resources. Resources are Money, Ammunition, Kerosene, Gold and Diesel that assist you in forming your army and conquering your enemies.

If the weather is bad for your battleground. No worries, because you can use your Diamonds to change your thunderstorm into sunshine to have a clean battleground to defeat your enemies on.

You can also purchase units and change your game name with Diamonds!

Now jump into the fun with no download and play a browser game!

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