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MafiaShot Browser Game

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The Outbreak

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The Gangsters Prime

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Criminal Wars

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Original Gangsters RPG is a text based browser game.
True Mafia is a free too play mafia game, start at the bottom and work your way through the top killing anyone that gets in your way or before they kill you! ...
At the Mafia you can set up a crime organization of your own. You can train soldiers and slaves, gain resources, and attack other organizations. Don't fight alone! Join the Alliance and use its po...
Best game, multilangual. Our members are like family, we come together, play together and fight against eachother. Real prizes!...
Dwuneth kingdom A free online fantasy text based roleplaying game - The kingdom is not what it used to be ...
Mafiaretuens is a text based type game in which you have to earn points to rank up. Drug runs/petty crimes and organised crimes are used to gain money. ...
Web based rpg that is completely free, no ads. Community driven game to compete for universal domination. Make friends and enemies in a game with active admin that don't ban you. This game has an ...
In the Koralian sea lies an island that exists on no map. Free from the mark of man, a wild landscape has evolved over millennia. Eight displaced tribes have washed ashore and must contend with an is...
A classic Mafia game with none of the fluff. Active owner with a coder on payroll. Lot's of events to come and stuff to keep you active but none of the bells and whistles. Train, Crime, Fight, and...