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Fallen Worlds Online

Fallen Worlds Online

Positive Score: 78 | Reviews: 2
Posted on November 09, 2012
Started playing this game a couple months ago. The initial learning curve is a bit steep, but well worth the effort. I have tried a bunch of online trading card games including Cabals, Shadow Era, Ederon, etc. and Fallen Worlds is far and away the best. The initial complexity makes the game itself very deep. If you liked Magic the Gathering you will be very pleased if you spend a couple of hours figuring out this game.
Posted on November 07, 2011
Easily the most complete online free to play TCG out there. it has vast possabilities for decks and game tactics, a more than fair reward system making it easier to play for those who cant afford to buy packs, and enough game modes to make sure you never get bored. aswell as a very comunity driven staff that listens and considers all sugestions/crtitizism.
Negative Score: 0 | Reviews: 0
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