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Galactic Imperator

Galactic Imperator

Positive Score: 0 | Reviews: 6
Posted on December 10, 2009
this game is great it is full of action and adventure you control a fleet and a army which you can choose different units
Posted on December 09, 2009
this is an awesome game and it is a good time killer. already at level 20 and its only my second day of playing. lust a very user friendly game.
Posted on December 08, 2009
This is one of the best games I have ever played. I highly recommend it to every one do to its great version of running a fleet, army, and city
Posted on December 07, 2009
Fun game I just recently started in it, already in a faction, getting gifts and advice
Posted on November 29, 2009
this game is great in every single way its goy spce ships soldiers a space in to talk to other people
Posted on November 28, 2009
great game, it has a lot of different types of ground troops that you can use, also a lot of space ships. There is also factions.
Negative Score: 0 | Reviews: 0
This game has no negative reviews!