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Gindis Games

Gindis Games

Positive Score: 13 | Reviews: 5
Posted on December 09, 2009
nice game really unrealistic but stil nice but i like it verry much its verry strategic for its simplicity
Posted on October 30, 2009
gindis games are the most fun and special games in the intarnet and their site is very nice but its hard to find the games you want to play.
Posted on October 28, 2009
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Posted on August 06, 2009
This is my first time tryn out this game. I kinda like this but the turn system is little bit boring. other than that it is nice.
Posted on August 06, 2009
Very good game with wars, spys and united nations of the world.
There are many players from arabic countries.
Negative Score: 0 | Reviews: 0
This game has no negative reviews!