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God Quest

God Quest

Positive Score: 10 | Reviews: 36
Posted on September 02, 2010
I've enjoyed this game thoroughly, and I really don't know what those folks that are complaining are talking about. It is very much enjoyable at lower levels, and most any game tends to favor the higher level players. Perhaps those that are complaining were not doing a decent job of playing this game.
Posted on June 29, 2010
Found GodQuest by accident, one day while prowlin' around. Pleasant surprise, too.

Hack'n'slash folks will enjoy it because it emphasizes using your hero to fight in order to advance levels. But the need to put thought into Skill Point dispersal, which weapons and accessories (from a large and varied catalogue) to use, and most importantly, how to profit from the variety of resources which are available, give a tasty RTS feel.

The usual resources, food/stones/herbs/gold, are augmented by rarer, but not uncommon, finds of equipment, Skill and Experience points, And that's just above-ground.

The Catacombs feature provides a dynamic, challenging and rewarding opportunity to visitors that keeps things fresh (and lucrative).

There is a distinct bias to higher level players (perhaps, because those players will pay a modest amount to receive the considerable benefits of Premium status). Upstairs, that is any area that is not the Catacombs, provides new players some protection from attack by hi-lvl folks, but the noobs cannot make use of the Auction House to buy specialized equipment until lvl 8. That's why the thoughtful dispersal of Skill Points is vital. It's a foundation that will become (maybe greatly) enhanced once 'Wicked Items' can be equipped.

In the Catacombs, NO protection is available, regardless of rank and while the monsters will fall into a +/- 3 lvl range of your hero, hi lvl folks, 50-60-70-100 levels higher than you! will routinely attack with impunity. There is nothing you can do. It's a de facto penalty put onto low level Catacomb crawlin' players. Even your 'Allies' will attack you in the cats. The ally feature is not one which applies well in this game. Some folks make an effort at the honor implied in "Ally", but in my mind, it's a broken system.

The Catacomb penalty for noobs and the AH penalty (til lvl 8) for noobs, along with an Ally feature that's pretty prone to abuse, are the thumbs down in this game.

The varied play, RTS feel of resource management, opportunities for the gaining of various resources randomly, nice catalogue of Equipment and Weapons and very real and useful benefit of the Premium status (which noobs can sample via a 3-day Premium potion as soon as a character is created) make this an engaging and thoughtfully challenging game, even for adults (I'm no spring chicken).

The bias toward hi lvl folks though, and the insularity that brings (most of whom have been playing together for some time, possibly years) are the dark underbelly.

Administration is responsive and helpful, genuinely putting in effort to make the game yield a positive experience.

I could give this game a better than average score if the bias and insularity, mentioned above, were less of an issue. It gets a 3 for now. Broken Allies, top-heavy bias. weigh heavily.

Posted on June 15, 2010
This game is too good....should be first rank on the top the best game ever !
Posted on June 06, 2010
I love this game. It`s highly addictive, and my favourite waste of time! What really makes this game stand out from the other RPGs, is the option of the Catacombs. It`s really a game within the game.
Posted on March 26, 2010
Love it! I've played many text based games, but this is by far the best free one you're gonna find. Great community and lots of fun, this game is perfect for die hards who like to play for hours or those who only have a limited time to play for a short while. Check it out.
Posted on March 22, 2010
The people who play it abuse the existing outline of the game. The DEVs hardly update, and there's alot of known and accepted abuse on the auction house. I wouldn't bother playing this game if you don't want to waste your time
Posted on February 09, 2010
I really enjoy God Quest...The catacombs leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat...and your allies are always there to help when needed..A must play game....Hugs to all
Posted on February 09, 2010
I have witnessed this game as a small little bug to grow up to a much bigger " I'L KILL YUOU BUG" .. IM LOVING IT YOU SHOULD TOO..........
Posted on February 07, 2010
awesome game and great players. Addictive once you start : can't stop playing. Premium is very affordable but not necessary to play well
Posted on January 31, 2010
awesome game and great players. Addictive once you start : can't stop playing. Premium is very affordable but not necessary to play well
Posted on January 27, 2010
yes , ilove this game.
Posted on January 27, 2010
this is seriously a game upcoming and welcomed as a game for the people. The designers and moderators are friendly and cooperative. New people are treated the same as the old timers. This game is awesome and is fast becoming something even bigger than the creaters imagined. join up play along and BE A GOD.
Posted on January 25, 2010
I play it everyday.....Best game since Holy-War! It has gotten some great improvements to the overall agmeplay lately! Most notably is the feature where you are able to do your explores back to back rather than have a wait time in between each individual explore.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Posted on January 24, 2010
This game takes PVP to another lvl its is probably as good as Evony or better in that sense play and find out
Posted on January 22, 2010
Awesome free game, quick and easy to play, make good friends from all walks of life. Play either above ground, or in the catacombs. Equip yourself with cool weapons, bid for all sorts of cool stuff in the auction house. 6 catagories of player to choose from, and tons of different ways to strategise...come join the fun!

Dustfinger (Warlock)
Posted on January 21, 2010
great game love it always the best there is out there. you got to come chek it out. you loved it as i do.
Posted on January 20, 2010
This is a great game with a lot of friendly players. They all try to help each other out and then turn around and beat you up, which is fine with me. lol

Posted on January 17, 2010
Great game! Recent improvements make it easier for those that haven't got a lot of time to stay competitive. Very addictive, and a lot friendlier than most other games I've tried.
Posted on December 18, 2009
great game you just have to play it to believe it... love it. one of the best out there. so come on and play.
Posted on December 17, 2009
Awesome game ! Simple, quick to play, and quite entertaining, make friends and have fun! Best game on the internet!

Posted on December 10, 2009
Fairly good game I'd say. Been playing online RPG's for around two years now and this is the fourth game I've played. It doesn't take as long to finish your day's play as some other games I've played because in other games I've played you had to literally sit at the computer for 3-4 hours a day just to do the regular questing/exploring, but this one even as a non-premium player only takes an hour to play at most if you don't have a whole lot of time to devote to it. But it's interesting in that if you do want to devote more time to it you can by going down to the catacombs and you can literally spend hours down there if you want just finding items and gold and fighting other players and monsters. I'd say the catacombs really are the most fun aspect though, but even if you don't have time for the catacombs you can still have fun on this game.
Posted on December 10, 2009
Great game with great devs that listen to player input and are always improving it :) active chat, tons of items and fun players to hang out with
Posted on December 07, 2009
great game you just have to play it to believe it... love it. one of the best out there. so come on and play
Posted on December 06, 2009
This game is great. With all the topside fun, there`s also the Catacombs as a game within the game. It`s very addictive.
Posted on December 04, 2009
great game been playing since 1990. it's adicting. and love the new graphs.come join us. you'll love it
Posted on December 03, 2009
A great family game. See below for the great reviews. And then there are the disciplined players, who were caught cheating. But for everyone else, myself included, it keeps my attention for hours. I've been playing this game for months now.

The moderators are a great team of players. The developers care a good deal for their baby 'the game', help all players play, and keep evolving the game.

Just try it, and you will love it as much as I do.
Posted on December 02, 2009
great game.. new things added all the time. Totally worth playing.Great community, Admins are helpful and fun to talk with
Posted on November 30, 2009
Great game, still playing every day even after playing for months. Catacombs are awesome.. the admins are helpful and listen to the suggestions of the players.
Posted on November 30, 2009
A text based game that allows players to fight monsters and other players. A messaging system and chat box allows interaction between all players, and with the developers AND the moderators.

I'm not a kid, but even kids play the game. It's a great online, free, family game. Check it out, and you will be very surprised. A FREE game that any age can play.
Posted on November 29, 2009
great. i really like it and it's easy to play whether you have a lot of time or a little time. the items are great too. sexy stilettos all the way..
Posted on November 29, 2009
Cool game. I was lucky to find it as it has only been through word of mouth that the community has grown. Up till now!
Posted on November 29, 2009
On this site the Administrators are immature. I would go elsewhere if you want a game that is fun to play.
Posted on November 29, 2009
Fun game to play for all ages, exciting battle and exploring gameplay and very problem free with admins that listen to the players and act on their problems and suggestions. NG
Posted on November 29, 2009
if you ever played dungeons and dragons as a teen or a kid.. get ready to love the game.

castles and siege weapons , and dungeons and treasure and monsters to encounter.

you can stay on the surface, and fight others in your level range protected by the gods. you can enter the dungeons and fight your way to riches and power as you gain levels... but pay a price for it coming so fast..

the community is nice and friendly and of course there is the drama to entertain us all. But you will have a good time, i almost.. (disclaimer of course) guarantee it.

Posted on November 28, 2009
Great! I joined this and was surprised to find as much help as I did from the higher level players. Not only are the game mechanics fun, the players make this game special.
Posted on November 28, 2009
I've played a lot of rpg games in the past & GodQuest is by far the Best! The interaction of battles with monsters & other players and finding treasures in the catacombs to help build your character are some of the most exciting features offered.
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