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In The Mafia

In The Mafia

Positive Score: 92170 | Reviews: 4
Johnny Gambino
Posted on August 11, 2015
Awesome game. Love it. Have played a few nights already.
Posted on March 01, 2015
very good competive game wish we had unlimited energy though
Posted on December 31, 2012
one word! AWSOME! what a game! really well made, interface could use some work, but the game play is excelent!
Posted on January 21, 2012
InTheMafia is by far the best and most unique mafia game I've ever played. It's recommended to everyone who's looking for something special!
Negative Score: 169 | Reviews: 2
Posted on October 30, 2019
Players are very racist, very violent and abusive and the game is not a pleasure to play with this occurring. Ruined by other players.
Posted on May 02, 2015
Played ITM for years was a good game under Sean then the new owner Josh ripped him off and stole the game and it hasn't been the same since. Abusive towards players, knowing for scamming and ripping people off, biased towards a certain group of players the list goes on... do NOT play this game theres far better games out there ran by more trustworthy people.