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Ministry of War

Ministry of War

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Posted on December 08, 2010
Ministry of War offers a huge world map, the largest gameplay environment of any Free-To-Play MMO browser game.

In Ministry of War you can choose to take control of a city (or at least what you will build up into a city) from your choice out of 4 civilizations based on ancient empires - Egypt, Persia, Rome and China.

The gameplay is actually more varied than any that other free RTS war games that I have played before. In addition to the strategy element of building up your city and your army there is some pretty decent quality fighting action, either player vs player or against the NPC's. This is something that has been lacking in the free browser war games in the past.

You can fight in the arena to level up your hero, you can attack individual beasts or crusade against their lairs, you can attack or plunder other players cities, and the biggest innovation for Ministry of War is the 'contested Zones' where guilds and civilisations get together to fight over trade centers and such like.

And as well as the fighting there is also spirituality. You need a powerful army to take on players from other civilizations in wars, but to increase your power within your own civilization what you need is a high spirituality which increases the territory that comes under your influence. You get this by building temples and paying gold to worship in them, and by recruiting the best missionaries.

And the third element to the game is trade. You can recruit merchants and send them out with gold to make a profit travelling between cities and civilizations buying and selling, and through actions like the contested zone wars you can take control of villages and trade centers that allow you to charge a tax on all transaction that take place.
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