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Pimps At War

Pimps At War

Positive Score: 19 | Reviews: 14
Posted on May 01, 2010
Awesome site. I've been a member for almost a year now and i love the game!
Posted on October 06, 2009
New players joining all the time, plus the ones who been playing for a while to help them out. New features added often to keep everything interesting, this is definitely not a game you will be bored of easily. Been playing for ages, and still just as fun.
Posted on August 24, 2009
the best pimps site on the web. It comes with an awesome tutrial to get you started. Its extremely easy to navigate.
Posted on July 02, 2009
best game on the web
Posted on July 02, 2009
Posted on June 28, 2009
Very addictive game, make sure to learn the basic functions of the game. You can allways ask for help from experienced pimps
Posted on June 23, 2009
Great game. New chance every month to be the number 1 pimp. Once you start playing, you'll be hooked!
Posted on June 01, 2009
Great online community who are willing to help out any new players
Posted on May 01, 2009
I must say from first sign up I have become incredibly addicted... and I love that it is constantly tweaked to be ore and more user friendly.
Posted on March 23, 2009
Great kick ass game! :D
Posted on March 22, 2009
wicked game! Been a fave of mine for yonks.
Posted on February 26, 2009
Posted on February 24, 2009
quality, jack jones
Posted on February 23, 2009
top notch game love it
Negative Score: 0 | Reviews: 0
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