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Ravaged Worlds online

Ravaged Worlds online

Positive Score: 53 | Reviews: 2
Posted on October 07, 2015
the 2nd expansion is nearing release and with it's release will be a promo. all registered players will get a code for a couple free packs. so now would be a great time to join. although the player base is very small there is usualy only 3-10 player on at a time.. the game was only launched lil over a week ago and there has been no advertising yet. so bare with the low player we have plenty of bots to play and you can still get pvp matches
Posted on October 06, 2015
I love the game. I like that you're not limited like most online tcg's. anything you can do in your favorite table top tcg's you can do here. prefer to find long technical chains to pull of.. you can do it.. prefer to play deck destruction.. ofcourse :)... anyone who likes tcg's should stop by and check it out.
Negative Score: 0 | Reviews: 0
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