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War Islands

War Islands

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Posted on January 08, 2011
Strategic number crunching has never been more fun than in this exciting new turn-based war game with loose similarities to chess! Outwit your two other human opponents through tactical maneuvering and flanking, or simply gather the largest army in one place before attacking head-on!

Key factors such as which army arrives first, how much attrition will occur in any given turn, and the number of your reinforcements play a large role in determining victory. However, all these factors are explained in detail under the very helpful Game Mechanics section of the main page. Since all the necessary equations are already provided to you, those with the patience and willingness to look can predict the outcome of any given battle in a game. There is even a nifty battle calculator feature provided to give you the exact values for survivors on each side, and thus determine success or failure, but that is only if you correctly guesstimated your opponent's forces...

Each player begins the game by choosing 1 of 3 realms to play, all of which start with 1 capital city and 4 neighboring regions. The other 27 regions not owned by any players at the beginning are considered neutral and fair game to all. Victory can depend heavily on who can conquer the most neutral regions in the first few turns to get a head-start in building up their army production base. All neutrals are dormant and do not attack players if left alone. Thus, it can be a viable strategy to leave buffer zones between yourself and one of your opponents.

All starting values for production remain constant for each game, allowing for people to consistently use the same opening moves that work for their individual playing styles. The concept of production is simple to grasp; each point of production will make one soldier per turn. However, you have the alternative of investing production points back into the region to raise your total production and thereby pump out more soldiers in future turns. How many you invest per turn is entirely up to you, making it possible to find a balanced mixture of both producing soldiers and growing your region at the same time.

To achieve victory in each game of BattleMaster: War Islands, you do not need to entirely wipe out your two opponents. Instead, you must simply raise your overall production until it surpasses a certain threshold percentage based on all players' production values. This can be done most easily by getting more regions than the other guys, but you can also invest more heavily into your regions too.

This is an excellent new game, with simple concepts and yet endless possibilities. Start today, and let the mind-games begin!
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