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Rank #33
Articles: 1
Sie Fate is a text based browser game, including fantasy RPG set in the world. Sie fate took the traditional out of RPG and instead replaced it with something a bit more special and unique. Sie fate is all about the right moves and the right setup....
+12k (36.6k)
-1 (5)

Rank #34
A mafia/gangster type game with growing features. The game is always being improved to give you the best experience possible....
+3.8k (3.8k)
-0 (0)

Rank #35
Articles: 1
Project Terran is a Sci-Fi browser game. It takes place in a single Galaxy Called Phoenix. There are 119 Systems with 775 Locations. Play style is PVE with immersive community interaction. Project Terran is Free to Play...
+3.6k (3.6k)
-21 (21)

Rank #36
Articles: 2
Original Gangsters RPG is a text based browser game. Revitalized by old school enthusiasts, it counts on a simple storyline and premise, intricate areas and a mischievous community, to deliver a competitive experience of rising from a lowly thug to a modern gangster and defining how you want to be known....
+14k (0.9m)
-20 (1.7k)

Rank #37
Supremacy 1914 is a free browserbased strategy game. Up to 30 competitors battle for several weeks for control of Europe. Both, military and diplomatic skills will be essential on your road to victory! 'Browser Game of the Year 2009'-Audience Award!...
+6.3k (6.3k)
-1 (1)

Rank #38
Articles: 1
Join us at Carnal Cove located in the Red Light District! In this sin-filled district, seduction is the best weapon you have. Are you submissive or dominant? Are you well-seasoned in the art of seduction or are you a virgin? ...
+12 (12)
-11 (11)

Rank #39
Articles: 1
A textbased RPG game set in medieval times with an active community spanning 15 years, as well as an active development team....
+42 (42)
-10 (10)

Rank #40
Articles: 3
Mafia game in English, Deutsch and Russian languages! Most dangerous game. WARNING! NOT FOR LITTLE PUSSIES! Just don't tell your parents....
+10 (10)
-10 (10)

Rank #41
Mana Storia is a simple browser-based MMORPG. Face and capture hundreds of magical creatures and join other heroes in epic real-time raid battles! PLAY NOW!...
+11 (11)
-10 (10)

Rank #42
Global Nations Online is a persistent browser based game which allows you direct control of a simulated nation where you control everything from its diplomatic actions all the way to its military relations....
+1.1k (1.1k)
-0 (0)

Rank #43
Articles: 1
More addicting than crack, fast-paced Mafia game......
+54 (54)
-0 (0)

Rank #44
Articles: 2
Dragon Lord is an old school text based PBBG browser game. You are a dragon that must fight your way to the top to earn your kingdom and defend it against other dragons. As you fight, you discover that there is an enemy more deadly than the other creatures and dragons fighting for your territory, and you alone must stop it from destroying the world....
+0 (0)
-10 (10)

Rank #45
Articles: 1
Web based rpg that is completely free, no ads. Community driven game to compete for universal domination. Make friends and enemies in a game with active admin that don't ban you. This game has an active community. It is a math game at its core but a war game for its soul. Cgallenge your friends in an old school retro game that plays well in any browser even your phone. Join us and let us teach...
+0 (0)
-10 (10)

Rank #46
BgBattles is a free massive multiplayer web-based turn-based strategy. It is accessible through any computer with an internet connection without any kind of installation. It takes place in a world, created entirely of battles and battlefields. Only there you can find out who is better, only there you can take on your enemies and avenge the death of your friends. Be a true warrior, prove you can: &...
+614 (26.6k)
-0 (158)

Rank #47
Articles: 2
Real-time massively-multiplayer fantasy strategy game. City building, war, trade, diplomacy, research and quests in a persistent interactive world with countries, factions and geographical environments....
+565 (565)
-0 (0)

Rank #48
MobstersWorld , a mafia themed browser game set in 1930 . ...
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