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Rank #129
Small Gods is free massive turn based online game, which can be played trough a browser. The game will set you in a world full of battles for power, battlefields and different creatures. This is the only place where you can find out who is the best, only h...

Rank #130
Third cold war is an Text based modern warfare game, you are beginning as an low rank private, climb your way up while you are doing assignments and many more. When you are ready you can join an army or even start one! help the army take out other army's or even thought about world peace? Join now and play! It's free!!...
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Rank #131
Articles: 1
In Mobile Mafia, you are in control. Money has been stolen, guns have been shot, people have been killed and gangs have been formed. Join the madness in this text-based game....
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Rank #132
Cromimi, rodent breeding game. Adopt and take care of a cute mouse or hamster. Choose its race, color, gender and name your Cromimi. Pet it, train it, bring it to the Cromimi City and challenge others players to become the best breeder!...

Rank #133
Articles: 1
BattlecZar! Where worlds collide! Take control of your forces and rule the galaxy in this highly devoted turn based game. ...
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Rank #134
Combat Grounds is a free, strategic Role-Play Game that you can play daily using only your web browser. You can choose to be a Navy seal, a Soldier or a Terrorist. The objective of the game is to dominate the battlefield and be on top at all times. ...

Rank #135
A free to play vampire game. Become a vampire, complete quests, learn magik, form covens and so much more!...

Rank #136
Articles: 1
Cohorts of Kargonar is a fantasy adventure RPG with city building elements and a thrilling story. Recruit new combatants, gather loot and improve your village while questing through Kargonar! ...

Rank #137
OverKings is a new exciting massively multiplayer online role play game (MMORPG). Here the fantasy meets legends and the legends become reality. The bravest, the strongest and the smartest heroes will become the rulers of the world. Magic and sorcery, strength and agility, wealth and adventures - all of this is yours. You will enter the world of bloody conflicts and epic adventures. Enjoy the poss...
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Rank #138
In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a Mafia member. By showing your strength, earning respect, and rising in rank, you will slowly become renowned and feared in the world of the Mafia. Outsmart your fellow players and become the most powerful Mafiosi....

Rank #139
Articles: 2
This is a strategy game. Your goal is to capture as many little devils as you can. To be number one, to get to heaven! You can obtain them in two ways: through your everyday life, in your beautiful country, or, in a second way, by stealing them from other players. ...

Rank #140
Dragon's Call II is a side-scrolling turn-based 2D MMORPG brought by Gorzt. Free to play forever!...
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Rank #141
Articles: 1
Medieval / Fantasy role playing game. Building up your character to be a strong knight. Fighting for good or evil? Make friends and try to survive....

Rank #142
Articles: 1
Astonia Reborn is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG 2D isometric...

Rank #143
Articles: 1
Castlot is a free-to-play online Browser-based Strategy game with RPG elements and requires no downloads. Castlot provides you with vivid graphics and an intriguing Arthurian storyline. Its effective map navigation system resembles Google Earth. Castlot is a perfect combination of resources management and fighting. It also incorporates both the turn-based and real-time combat modes. Besides, it in...
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Rank #144
Articles: 2
Online since 1997, Tibia is one of the oldest MMORPGs worldwide. Tibia is a classical, 2D, fantasy MMORPG and it is free-to-play. More than 300,000 active players worldwide enjoy the unique Tibia experience. ...
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