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Rank #33
OneSkill Manager is a free online multiplayer football manager game. All you need to do is register and start playing today! After registration all you receive is a team with 20 amateurs, tiny arena and few fans from neighbourhood. Your goal is to make this team shine at the top division, grab couple of trophies and raise some world class players. To reach this goal, you have to hire best coach, ...
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Rank #34
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Cycling for fun (CFF) is an online cycling management game where you are the Directeur Sportif of your own professional cycling team. You get to establish your own team and compete against other managers for fame and glory in the most important cycling races. You are in charge of just about everything....

Rank #35 is a multiplayer soccer game. You need nothing more than a web browser with Java support to play. Each player except goalkeepers is human-controlled; one person controls just one player. The emphasis is on playability and tactics; the graphics are simple 2D allowing you to easily get a general picture of the happenings. Controlling the player is done entirely by mouse. ...
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Rank #36
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You play as the manager of your club and decide tactics from the bench. The only way to get to the top is to develop brilliant tactics, to buy the best players in the world and of course to earn money to do it !...
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Rank #37
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In the free browser game - Online Football Manager you can create your whole skills as trainers and managers to demonstrate! Here you can compete with thousands of human players from different countries and show your real abilities!...
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Rank #38
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MetalDerby is an online racing simulator. Hundreds of players challenge each other to duels to get the top place in the ranking. Each of them has to face others and demonstrate intelligence and cleverness!...

Rank #39
The biggest, most detailed, text-based wrestling game on the internet Unlimited strategies, wrestling moves, builds and personalizations Fun, challenging and great community. A new development is in progress and we estimate that our federations will be released around for testing phase in novemember - decemeber. We are mostly active in the DK server which you can find when you are creating your wr...
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Rank #40
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Matchday11 is a free online football manager game where you compete against managers from all over the world. Build your own football club and try to build a team as strong as possible through transfers, scouting and youth academies....

Rank #41
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Pick up a car, customize/upgrade it, race on different tracks, build your racing career and race/challenge your friends. ...

Rank #42
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Pro Wrestling Game Online MMORPG. Create Wrestlers, Tag Team and Federations. Play on multiple game servers. Free to join and play....

Rank #43
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Boxing rpg is a game for fight versus all fighters and gain exp, level up, gain strong, speed, and more, you can train and win all fights and gain ......

Rank #44
Formulawan is a browser based strategy game for F1 fans! You can manage your own F1 team, recruit drivers and tune up your racing cars. Hire nurses, mechanics, managers or engineers to help your champions and join exciting races! You can chose among a nor...

Rank #45
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Tennismanager is a game in which you'll take lead of a tennis club and manage it to success. You'll build it up from the very first moment of playing. Your players will be winning tournaments, league or matches with you friends. Setting good tactics may be the key to success....
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Rank #46
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Browser-based multiplayer 3vs soccer game with fast paced 5 min matches. The movement is controlled via the mouse. You can collect and use boosts that can help you deliver nice powerful hits . It's a fun and addictive game that manages to capture the joyful ball chasing multiplayer chaos of Rocket League and condense it into an easily accessible browser based format...

Rank #47
Cycling Simulator is a free online cycling manager game settled in a fictional cycling universe with managers, teams and riders from all over the world - all aiming to win the biggest tours and races of the season. Test your management abilities as a cyclist....

Rank #48
Front page pictureFreeKick offers you the most tactically challenging football simulator available on the net. Your opponents are clubs controlled by real life managers like yourself. Together you share a strong community where the decisions of the manag...
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