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Agartha Online

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Browser Game

Agartha-Online: A Persistent Real Time Strategy Game

Step into an epic fantasy world where your strategic skills are tested in real-time.

Construct Kingdoms

In Agartha-Online, you can build and expand your own kingdoms, managing resources and territory to create a powerful empire.

Train Armies & Hire Heroes

Train formidable armies to protect your kingdom and conquer others. Hire legendary heroes to lead your troops into battle and turn the tide in your favor.

Discover Technologies & Use Thieves

Unlock advanced technologies to strengthen your kingdom and give you an edge over your enemies. Employ thieves for covert operations to undermine your rivals.

Become a Legend

Join Agartha-Online Now!

Embark on an epic adventure, make strategic decisions, and write your own legend in the world of Agartha-Online.

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"This game is really something else . The game lore is unique and the players has plenty of things to do ."

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Latest reviews

ungureanu August 26, 2009

Good job ! I confess that i like the game more than others mostly because it's made by romanians . Go go !

ungureanu August 24, 2009

This game is not Travian . Even though some people compared it . I think it is better . There are more things to do then just making buildings and attacking players .

ungureanu August 10, 2009

This game is really something else . The game lore is unique and the players has plenty of things to do .