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In our effort to support the browser-based game niche, our services are free to use, but games can pay for extra benefits. To avoid suspiciouns about hidden prices later, here is a detailed list of what free means, and how much paid means.


This type of account is for the passionate players

FREE /life
  • 10x More powerful votes
  • Each vote pushes game to first page
  • Receive Gold points for each vote
  • Exchange Gold for gifts in the Gift Shop
  • Write reviews when you vote
  • View game toplists by category
  • Minimal info required to register
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Game Dev

List your browser mmo game and publish articles

FREE /life
  • All the benefits of the player accounts
  • Receive votes from your players and other
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Post 2 article every 30 days
  • Provide incentives for your players
  • Validate your game listing as official
  • Participate in events
  • Free integration support
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For game devs that want that extra touch of fanciness.

$20 /monthly
$30/one time for 30 days

  • All the benefits of the free accounts
  • Do-follow links to your game website, amazing for seo
  • Action button on game list page
  • Premium looking listing
  • Track registrations
  • Can post 12 articles every 30 days
  • Additional positive score at the start of each month
  • Additional 2500 Ai usage credits each month
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AI Usage credits

This feature is still experimental we are not responsible for its future evolution or availability Please log in to see the prices tailored for your account.

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