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Antique Empire

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Step into the Past with this Strategic RolePlayGame

Immerse yourself in the ancient times, where the battle for Europe was fierce and unending.

Assume the role of a fearless warrior, navigating the treacherous terrains of Europe during the Antiquity. Every decision you make, every alliance you form, and every battle you fight will shape the course of history.

The battlefield awaits you. Test your strategic prowess in intense battles and engaging games. Will you rise as a victor, or will you succumb to the might of your enemies?

The power to reshape history is in your hands. Will you choose to destroy Rome, the heart of the Roman Empire, or will you set your sights on Carthago, the capital of the ancient Carthaginian civilization? Your choices will determine your legacy.

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"Very good and new role play game with players all over Europe. Lots of room for new players...."

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AE January 18, 2011

Very good and new role play game with players all over Europe. Lots of room for new players....