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Applo: A Browser Based MMO Strategy Game

Applo is a revolutionary browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game that invites players to take control of one of three unique cultures. With a focus on strategy, it is a game that challenges players to build, conquer, and engage in diplomacy to become the most powerful civilization.

Immerse in Distinct Cultures

In Applo, players are presented with the option to choose from one of three distinct cultures. Each culture is unique in its own way, offering different strengths, weaknesses, and strategic opportunities. This feature adds a layer of depth to the game, encouraging players to understand and adapt to their chosen culture's nuances.

Build, Conquer, and Diplomacy

At the heart of Applo is the challenge to build and expand. Players must construct their civilization, build armies, and advance their technology to secure their survival and success. However, building and conquering alone will not guarantee victory. Players must also master the art of diplomacy, forming alliances, and negotiating with other players to secure their civilization’s prosperity.

Race to World Wonder

The ultimate goal in Applo is to be the first to build a World Wonder. This grand achievement not only signifies the pinnacle of a civilization's development but also marks the player's victory in the game. It is a race against time and against other players, adding a thrilling competitive edge to the game.

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"I hope this game grows! It's a fun experience, love being part of a new game community! "

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SanchoPanzo January 26, 2012

I hope this game grows! It's a fun experience, love being part of a new game community!

CountChopula January 25, 2012

Really cool game guys. I love the graphics on this game. The community seems to be growing too!