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Welcome to the World of Bio City - A Browser Game

Bio City: The Last Hope of Humanity

The year is 2254. The once bustling earth is now a desolate wasteland, the result of a devastating Biological warfare that has nearly wiped out the human race. Survival is a daily struggle, and your only beacon of hope is a city called Bio City.

Bio City, an exceptional metropolis, stands as the last vestige of hope for mankind. It was constructed in the aftermath of the bio war, a sanctuary where humanity could start anew. The journey to this city is fraught with perils, but it is a journey you must undertake to ensure survival.

But the path to Bio City is not easy. Mutants, grotesque creatures born from the bio war's aftermath, lurk in every corner, ready to attack. It's a kill or be killed world now, and you must fight to survive. Every mutant you encounter is a threat that needs to be eliminated.

Bio City is a free browser game that puts you in the thick of a post-apocalyptic world. It's a test of survival, strategy, and how far you're willing to go to secure a future for humanity.

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"Great Game you have to see for your self,
Im thinking one of the best"

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rowbvp April 16, 2010

Great Game you have to see for your self,
Im thinking one of the best