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Board Game Online

Board Game Online is a free multiplayer game with over 1000 unique items and skills and hundreds of different encounters. A crazy mix between Mario Party, classic board games and everything else! You've got to experience this!

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"great game :D It just takes 5 minutes and its great fun :P"

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DysprosiumDy January 12, 2010

this game is awesome!!! it has a lot of random funny things, events like your nose is running and you run for catch it or annoy other players with guns.

DysprosiumDy October 12, 2009

VERY fun! Would be five star but often there is no one to play with. If more people play, it will be much more fun!

DysprosiumDy September 17, 2009

I enjoyed playing this game. It takes a few rounds to get used to everything but its a lot of fun to play it with friends.

DysprosiumDy July 01, 2009

Very good, very simple.

DysprosiumDy April 28, 2009

fun game! Played with 5 different players and almost won :P

DysprosiumDy April 27, 2009

great game :D It just takes 5 minutes and its great fun :P