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Cartel Empire

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Immerse yourself in an expansive, thrilling browser game experience

Join over 6000 other players in this ever-expanding world today! Our game provides an exciting platform for players to engage in producing illegal goods for sale on the Market. This adds a thrilling and risky element to gameplay, as players must navigate their way through the perils of the underworld.

Send your Sicarios on Expeditions

In addition to producing and selling goods, players can also send their Sicarios on Expeditions. These missions add an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the game, as players must carefully plan and execute their operations to succeed.

Recruit and Train Dogs to Aid You

But it's not all about human characters. Players can also recruit and train Dogs to aid them in their endeavors. These canine companions provide valuable assistance in various aspects of the game, enhancing the player's abilities and increasing their chances of success.

Create a Large Player-ran Cartel

Finally, for those who aspire to rule the underworld, there is the option to create a large player-ran Cartel. This feature offers an opportunity for players to collaborate with others, working together to establish and expand their own criminal empire. So why wait? Dive into this thrilling world today!

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