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Formulawan is a browser based strategy game for F1 fans! You can manage your own F1 team, recruit drivers and tune up your racing cars. Hire nurses, mechanics, managers or engineers to help your champions and join exciting races! You can chose among a nor

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"I have been playing F1 for four months now and definately like it. You manage your own F1 team by racing for bolts/cash modifying cars/staff/parts etc. Its addicitng!"

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Warrlokk September 30, 2009

Do you like F1 and managing games?
Then this is the right game for you!
Build up your own F1 Team from day one.
Buy Cars and tunning parts;
Hire Drivers and Staff;
Build Buildings to expand your empire;
Compete in amazing Tracks and Championships.

Try Now and lead your team to the Top!

Review by Arturo Gatti

Warrlokk September 29, 2009

This is the best ?pen and paper? Formula 1 game you could dream of! Not only can you tune your cars, hire drivers, manage your whole team and produce your own technology, you also get to compete head to head with other teams. There are thousands of players and 4 servers (Spanish, English, French, and German) with people from all over the world, giving it a nice F1 touch. The game has several different modes, league races and championships in 4 different categories, dozens of cars and tracks. I?ve been playing for two months and have never tired, so there?s plenty of variety for everyone.

Pros: Lots of customization options, addictive gameplay, friendly community.
Cons: Tough opponents, you start at the bottom, takes a while to start cashing in.

Saludos a todos y suerte en la pista!


Warrlokk September 29, 2009

Formula Wan is an exciting Management game. The start can be slow, but check the forums and join the community, you'll quickly find out the depth of the game AND find alot of valuable information to make your experience even more entertaining.
The flash animation crowns the whole thing.

Warrlokk September 28, 2009

I was a MyBrute player before. Since you can only fight three brutes each day, I wanted to maximize the time playing in the PC by searching for any other possible games. I saw Formulawan, but never thought of playing it at first. Then I tried playing it, and got hooked up with it.

The game is not overall great, but great nonetheless. The system is not that realistic, but enjoyable in a way, as it lets you manage a team of your own. Just like a simulator would do.

Until now, I'm still playing Formulawan, and you should try it too. If you like racing games and simulation games combined (just like Football Manager), then this game is for you.

Warrlokk September 25, 2009

Formula Wan:
I love this web based browser game. It's easy to play but hard to master. It started off just being something i would check whist checking my email, but now i log on especially for FW.
Once you've played for a while, the game really opens up into a full on management simulation. There are various options to consider such as which staff to employ and what they've to do!
I could go on and explain how the game works, but i'd rather you'd check it out for yourself. It's so good!


Warrlokk September 17, 2009

When I first came on Formulawan I didn't expect I'd be playing, I didn't have nothing to do that day so I played and from that day on I got hooked. Now I'm having fun trying to get to the top against others online. It's a management game for sure and you need to play wisely to the top. First you establish your team First recruit your Drivers and Cars Then your team which consists of managers can organize a league entry for your driver, trainers helps your driver to improve his skills, mechanics repairs your car, lubricates the motor, and installs tuning parts, commercial assistants searches for new sponsors to increase your team's incomes, nurses takes care of your champions. Its the closet thing to owning your own race team for much less. You learn how to Research and Engineer your own Gearbox, Motor, tyres, Brakes and Wheel parts to create your Race Car to be the best on the track. I first started out with Hourly races only, then changed my strategy lately to also play on Championship races to get the best of your drivers and reputation. You can create your own Tournaments with your friends in friendly races also. I think Formulawan a great game to play. Thanks Formulawan!!

Warrlokk September 16, 2009

I have been playing F1 for four months now and definately like it. You manage your own F1 team by racing for bolts/cash modifying cars/staff/parts etc. Its addicitng!