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What is Piratefight? In Piratefight you are a shipwrecked guy, cast away on a lonely island. Exploring the island you find some ruins and plenty of resources. You start peacefully to rebuild house and mines until you realise you're not alone and others try to kick you off your island. To prevent that, you form new soldiers and construct ships for war and trade. Get a warlord of the seven seas on Piratefight and conquer new islands for your empire. Piratefight is a browser based strategy game. The aim of Piratefight is to construct your island and conquer new islands. You won't be alone as you can found and join mighty alliances. Together with your warlord mates you conquer other alliances and take over ocean by ocean, enemy by enemy. You don't know yet your future best mates, join Piratefight and be part of a great community. The community is looking after you. As a highlight we present an app for your mobile device to take care of business at all times. You can join the Piratefight forum already, the server will start as soon as the 1 of April. Get all information's you to the game, join now.

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