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Puppet Nightmares

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"You can have fun with only a few bucks per month, the art of the game is amazing and the community is friendly"

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EatenByPie November 25, 2014

You can have fun with only a few bucks per month, the art of the game is amazing and the community is friendly

Zero Takahashi
Zero Takahashi December 04, 2011

i love the game for the story and its fun could use some music and battle sounds yeah and maybe a little more visible weapon equiping like the equip actually apearing on the creature but other than that its very entertaining i put megaman battle network music in the backround which makes the game exiting for me so it all keeps me enterested and i would give this game an 8 out of 10 rating so far even without all the msuic it makes for a fun relaxer ^^

iyacyas February 25, 2011

Fun game with great artwork and an interesting story. There's new content added regularly, and the games creator interacts with players quite often.

PhoenixIgnis April 24, 2010

If I have to describe Pocket Nightmares in one word, that word would be awesome! The art is great, the game is fun, and for people who don't play many online games like me, it is quite simple to play.
That the game's admin and moderators are live in chat to help you if you're stuck is also quite beneficial. So create an account and get sucked into the game's sheer awesomeness and meet some very cool people while you play. How can you go wrong with a game that even has goddesses?

PhoenixIgnis January 26, 2010

An interesting game, with new features added almost constantly. The revamped Player Versus Player system ensure everyone a fun time, wether you are a high level player, or just play every so often. With the crazy people on the chat, thats a definate must see. the creator of the game himself is usually online, so any problems can be directly dealt with. Play it or face my jingly wrath!
Much love,

Anonym900 November 24, 2014

This used to be a good game, until the greed of the admin ruined it, now is only one of the many P2W games.