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Welcome to the World of Puschelfarm

Puschelfarm is an engaging browser game that revolves around the concept of becoming a Puschel-millionaire. In this game, you are tasked with the care and training of your Puschels. These adorable creatures require diligent attention and guidance to ensure their obedience and to help them achieve high rankings in the Puschelcontest.

The Goal of Puschelfarm

The primary goal of Puschelfarm is to amass a fortune through the successful management of your Puschels. As a player, your task is to nurture and train your Puschels to the best of your ability. The better your care and training, the higher your Puschels can rank in the Puschelcontest, and the more Puschel-money you can earn.

The Puschelcontest

The Puschelcontest is a critical aspect of Puschelfarm. It is a competition where your Puschels can show off their skills and obedience, and where you can earn a substantial amount of Puschel-money. The higher your Puschels rank in the contest, the closer you become to being a Puschel-millionaire.


Puschelfarm presents a unique blend of fun, strategy, and competition. Through careful management and training of your Puschels, you can achieve your goal of becoming a Puschel-millionaire. So why wait? Dive into the world of Puschelfarm and start your journey towards Puschel-wealth today!

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