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Ruler of Zu: A Game Review

Ruler of Zu: A Browser-Based MMORPG Game Review

Celebrating its first anniversary, Ruler of Zu is an up-and-coming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that can be played right in your browser. It offers a plethora of exciting features and engaging gameplay that keeps its players coming back for more.

Train Your Dragon

One of the key features of Ruler of Zu is the ability to train your dragon. As a player, you are given the opportunity to raise and train a powerful dragon to aid you in your quests and battles. The bond between the player and their dragon is a unique aspect of the game that adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Complete Quests

The game is filled with a wide array of quests that players can embark on. These quests range from simple tasks to complex missions that require strategic planning and execution. Completing quests not only advances the storyline, but also rewards players with experience points, items, and other game resources.

Siege Cities

In Ruler of Zu, players can also lay siege to cities. This feature allows for large-scale conflicts where players can test their strategic skills against others. The outcome of these sieges can significantly affect the game's world, making them an exciting and crucial part of the gameplay.


Ruler of Zu is a game that offers a unique and immersive MMORPG experience right in your browser. With its dragon training feature, diverse quests, and city sieges, it provides a rich and engaging gameplay that is sure to captivate any MMORPG fan.

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"Great fun, i like dragons but not as much as I like bumblebees"

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darkone November 12, 2012

Great fun, i like dragons but not as much as I like bumblebees

SloZiga August 19, 2011

the game has prommis and it is nice to play but at times hard