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Samurai and Ninja MMORPG

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"man.... sooo simply very awesome!!! come on try it i promise no regrets!!"

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evilbankai October 18, 2012

man.... sooo simply very awesome!!! come on try it i promise no regrets!!

samurai January 22, 2011

hey i agree its boring you do nothing.
i dont know who put those 5 stars there but they must have a pretty boring life.

samurai November 07, 2010

THis game SUCKS, yoiu cant do anything besides talk to people... got to be a no life to like it

samurai August 30, 2010

Simple and pretty easy to pick up on. Recently decided to try some Browser MMOs and it was my first game. The best part about it is that it's not overly complicated like some other games. If you're just starting to get into Browser MMOs, this is a good game to start with.

samurai December 06, 2009

i think its a good game for me when i was relaxing in middle of my work. its easy to play and i can leave it without fearing that my character will be mob by the others likes another games i played all this time.

samurai December 01, 2009

niceeeee i wanna thisss ^^ very very cool one fast and funny addictive , intuitive... really coool game:)

samurai November 30, 2009

very very fast and intuitive morpg, clean browser, funny easy to play and understand nicely done job:)

samurai November 29, 2009

This is truly a samurai and ninja game. I recommend everyone should give this game a try. I love everything about being ninja in this game.

samurai November 29, 2009

is goood!!! really awesome, easy to play and very adictive, fun and too little time comsumption, a very casual and funny game

samurai November 26, 2009

Pretty amazing game I would say. So far I've seen no bugs whatsoever. I can't wait for all my energy to recharge so I can play again!

samurai November 22, 2009

this game is very addicting.the first time i played i got hooked .but i do hate the ancestor thing that gets kinda anoying

samurai November 01, 2009

Awesome game and easy too. Perfect for an adventurous one. Very explicit and gives off a great story.

samurai October 17, 2009

authentic samuria feel. i have only been playing a few days but already i have found this game rewarding in its depth.

samurai September 27, 2009

great game have played it for over a week and it still good.. the way it`s setup make it great.......

samurai September 25, 2009

just a great game about the old japan and it works .. I`ved tryed a lot of games but this is a good one :-)