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Supremacy 1914

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Browser Game of the Year 2009 - Audience Award

Supremacy 1914: A Free Browser-Based Strategy Game

Supremacy 1914 is a highly engaging, free browser-based strategy game that offers a unique and immersive experience for its players. It's not just a game, it's a battle for supremacy!

The Challenge

In Supremacy 1914, you are pitted against up to 30 competitors in a battle that spans several weeks. Your mission? To gain control of Europe. But it won't be easy. You'll need both military and diplomatic skills to emerge victorious.

The Reward

Winning the game is a testament to your strategic prowess. It's a recognition of your ability to balance military might with diplomatic finesse. It's proof of your supremacy!

Publisher: Bytro Labs
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Review Score: 885818

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"I liked the game and is somewhat like call of war, maybe the drowback fro a lot of peopleis the insane amount of time you have to spend but i think that is also what makes it a great game"

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Latest reviews

HDpass January 18, 2021

I liked the game and is somewhat like call of war, maybe the drowback fro a lot of peopleis the insane amount of time you have to spend but i think that is also what makes it a great game

GyWook March 19, 2017

É Um Ótimo Game De Estratégia E Guerra. Extremamente Viciante!

MasterJSB June 22, 2014

best game ever I have ever played was awesome man woo!

AntiDystopia March 17, 2014

Good game...I mean, if you can read, then you can advance and become proficient in this app. Easy to learn.

chico_dusty March 29, 2013

This game is just wonderful. There are things and stuff in it.

costmanagers March 23, 2013

Good Game, it is not too complicated and easy to navigate

BadWolf91 January 22, 2013

over complecated and annoying to play but still its addictive

GrolschMan November 15, 2012

Good game. Easy to pick up and enough strategy to keep playing

wasd999 October 10, 2012

it is a fun game that is easy enough to play from the beginning. As you progress you find all the little tricks that people use to try and catch you off guard and you even make some of your own. Definitely the funnest world conqueror i have played!

Smoking Monkey
Smoking Monkey July 18, 2012

This Wold War game is the best on the whole internet. there is no other game like this on here. I mean this game is simply amazing with all the units you can get and the maps they made.

sterling47 June 22, 2012

supremacy 1914 is probably the best browser game to be played at this moment of time, able to see other games developes tactics.

tipu November 19, 2011

best strategy game ever. And u don't need to spend much time too.

sasori August 12, 2011

very good strategy game, you enjoy talking in the chat with other people from your county and other parts of the world, a very good choice

trycster May 17, 2011

Great game. The game can be played in less than 30 min. Several games can be played at one time.

reghar73 April 04, 2011

Awesome fun !! I get to play with my mates and kill kill kill. Beats playing games like Rome Total war.

JPhillips123 January 22, 2013

Ironically, the moderation team consists of exactly what the rules, and the laws of Germany (where this game is hosted) forbid: Nazis.

Wardancer December 31, 2012

I is good but it can get extremely boring, after about 15 minutes from playing I stopped.