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Thug Battle

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Mafia/Gangster Browser Game: A Constantly Evolving Experience

Welcome to the underworld of the internet, where the thrill of organized crime is just a click away. We bring you a Mafia/Gangster browser game that promises an immersive experience, transporting you into a world of intrigue, power, and strategy.

This game is not your typical static browser game. We believe in constantly enhancing the gaming experience, hence our game is always evolving. With a team of dedicated developers and creative minds, we are committed to adding new features and improving existing ones to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Our game is designed to provide you with the best experience possible. We focus on creating a realistic and engaging mafia/gangster world, where every decision you make impacts your journey. From building your empire to defending it against rivals, the game provides a wide array of opportunities for strategic gameplay.

We invite you to dive into this thrilling world of mafia and gangsters. Experience the adrenaline rush of organized crime from the safety of your browser. Join us in this constantly evolving adventure and become the most powerful figure in the virtual underworld.

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"this game should be banned off the net too much swearing and racism in it from other users 2 of the admins are just kids aged 14 and 15 "

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thugbattle July 15, 2010

The game has been cleaned up a lot. The owner is on frequently. There is a huge amount of activities that seem to be growing each day! Check it out.

thugbattle April 28, 2010

this game should be banned off the net too much swearing and racism in it from other users 2 of the admins are just kids aged 14 and 15

thugbattle March 24, 2010

+This game kinda of reminds me DopeWars except this on is a multiplayer online with ton of more stuff.
+ I like the fact that this game is continuesly improved based on ideas from the players.
+its browser based so no download is required
-This game is pretty new so there isnt much of a community i thik it only has something like 40 active players.