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Dragon’s Wrath CBT Media Pack

Price: 0 Gold
Dragon’s Wrath CBT Media Pack
Dragon's Wrath Gift Pack:

Gold Card(Big)-50,
Lv2 Gem Pack-30,
Mount evolution stone-50,
Silver Feat Medal-50

This pack is worth $200!!!

Wrath is a horizontal, combat-based MMORPG that casts players as daring heroes during a time of great magic and mysterious creatures in the West. Presented with stunning, cutting-edge browser gaming graphics, engaging characters and fluid combat systems, Dragon's Wrath players will tussle with epic bosses, explore unique instances, and must form key alliances as they fight to save the land.

Dragon's Wrath not only features PVE with World Bosses, but also plenty of PVP with Guild Battles, Camp Battles, Siege Wars and a host of PVP arena options.

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