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AdedejiTimileyin October 22, 2023

MMA Tycoon is top tier and realistic. One of the best sport manager games.

Skuzbukit March 10, 2023

Great game, lots of depth, and it has a great and helpful community.

Skuzbukit February 04, 2023

Good game, lots of strategic depth on offer and very conducive to role-playing.

Skuzbukit January 22, 2023

Love this game, the more you get into it the better it gets.

Tero December 31, 2022

even though I just started this game two days ago this has caught m attention is something I like as this can be more of a grab money game for what it is you understand for what it is as this game does need more funding for what it is I can say for what the creator had this is one the better MMA manager games out there

Skuzbukit December 09, 2022

Great game with lots of depth & very manageable time commitment

RampageJones August 25, 2022

This game will punch you in the face. You have to create your fighter, put the work in at the gym, prepare your tactics so you have a gameplan going into the fight AND PUNCH IT BACK HARDER!!!!

Adel August 22, 2022

Great game with better simulator fighting mechanism. Like everything about it

RampageJones August 20, 2022

Whether u want to log in every day or just set up a training schedule & come back later to a developed fighter this game is for you.

jkawell July 17, 2021

This game is a lot of fun for a pretty casual lon-term type of game.

jkawell July 17, 2021

A great game. Pretty casual but very addictive game!

jkawell July 16, 2021

It's a fun, casual game once you get past the learning curve!

JimmY12 August 25, 2019

One of the best games I`ve playerd. Very good variation of options!

JohnnYPuff August 17, 2019

Good Game. Just started playing it and the game options are

SavageMMA November 30, 2018

Fun and Uber realistic, glad I have started playing. A bit overwhelming at first but once you get in the flow it isn't bad.

BlaBla00000 January 22, 2018

This is a very very very very very very very very very very good game!! :)

MrLGFD September 29, 2015

Its a great and addictive game if you are an mma fan i advise playing it its pretty realistic and fun :D

guest August 07, 2015

Great game. One of the best management games on the net.

MattDonny July 28, 2015

It is a fun and challenging game. I run a clothing company and am doing good

robwayne May 05, 2014

great game what else can i say it is the best mmma game online!

robwayne April 30, 2014

great game it has lots of users alot going on in this game.

Billsta92 April 26, 2014

This game is very addictive and is a must for mixed martial arts fans, viewing every aspect of the whole MMA world all-in-one game! You need to play this. That is all!.

Lefteye April 21, 2014

create fighters, set training, fight tactics, trash talk and fight against real managers like yourself and be an MMA tycoon!

Lefteye April 19, 2014

create fighters, set fight tactics, training, trash talk and fight against real managers like yourself and be an MMA tycoon today!

Billsta92 April 19, 2014

Best MMA manager game around, is aint real if it aint MMA B-)

Lefteye April 13, 2014

create fighters, set training, fight tactics, trash talk and fight against real managers like yourself and be an mma tycoon!

Lefteye April 05, 2014

Create and manage a unique team of fighters, plan their training, supplements, arrange their clothing, set their fight tactics, fight against real managers like yourself and read the text based play by play after the fight, in live action tv commentary style!

Lefteye April 04, 2014

create and manage a team of unique fighters, set training schedules, set a winning gameplan, fight against real playes like yourself and become an mma tycoon!

hunterscor December 24, 2013

this is one of the best mma game ihave ever played

Krimzn September 07, 2012

MMA fan or not, you will really enjoy the depth of this game. Completely customize a fighter, join a user-run organization, create a nutrition/clothing company, create an organization yourself, join an alliance, smack talk/call out fighters on the forums or fight to become the top pound for pound (p4p) fighter in the world!. So much to do on there and it's pretty entertaining. Been on for 2 years and I run a fight org in Tokyo now. Why not give it a try?

Thorsen July 12, 2012

It's been consistently excellent for the past 2 years, and is constantly improving--in the past month, they've added fighter retirements (with new job opportunities to follow for retirerees), improved the referral system and made the fighter pages more informative. Addictive stuff!

Thorsen July 06, 2012

MMATycoon has is insanely addictive, has amazing variety and gives back however much you decide to put in. Starting out, I played it for 5 minutes a day, tops. Now, 2 years later, I'm logging on multiple times a day, just to see what other players are up to and which new events are waiting in the wings. It's no Super Mario Bros. 3 or Suikoden 2, but as far as free, community-driven games on the PC go, MMATycoon delivers top-of-the-line quality.

Eveas July 01, 2012

MMA Tycoon is the bast text based browser game I have played. It is so in depth and has many different ways to play. It is also not one of those games where you simply click a button then have to way X number of minutes to click it again. It is more community based with an excellent fight engine, training system, and business aspect you don't see in other games.

Moosh June 30, 2012

If you like MMA and strategy (simulation), this game absolutely can not be beat. It's easy enough for people to learn the basics, but it's deep enough to keep even the most veteran managers learning, the whole time they play. I could go on for a long long time, but seriously, if you ever wanted to play an MMA game where mashing buttons didn't help, there is no better game to try than MMATycoon... hands down.

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