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Positive Score: 331452 | Reviews: 55
Generalwillibe October 02, 2015

I do like this game, but changes have made it lopsided in favor of some, but have handicapped others

exlugian July 27, 2014

This is an addictive game..all you need is patience.Build slowly try to get your bank higher and all will be good.

cauchy January 30, 2014

good days, I am still for like this one, only this game of the War,

cauchy January 16, 2014

good days, good game, I am for like this game, This is ok

cauchy January 16, 2014

hello, I am for like to on this game, is fine, good armie and war October 08, 2013

Great game, I got addicted to it really fast! :) Nice graffic and interested specials. Only thing bad is that the diamonds are too expensive...

edinha September 14, 2013

best best

peteave August 20, 2013

love the fact you have to think ahead and above all be patient lol then attack

kofimladji June 20, 2013

I always like medieavil and WW2 browser games,i mostly love wargame due to bank in the game. bank is what is important,you can be offline for days and still be strong as you were when you came back to play...

SomebodyZgb June 10, 2013

ok. browser game , slightly better graphics, and it should fix all the bugs that are in the game and there are a lot. Otherwise quite OK. games only are dijamnti cheaper and that gold can better exploit not only for sales and spying.

costmanagers April 20, 2013

Needs to have more life put into it with better weekend specials.

Warbeats April 11, 2013

Awesome stuff!! Great overview on the 2nd world war

Warbeats April 11, 2013

One of the best browser games currently going on...

kaidoc March 19, 2013

great game great setup real life like as if you are an actual general/commander

Forrest46 March 05, 2013

great game very fun serveral different servers to play on

exocartonic January 21, 2013

you can play this game on the crapper! can you do that with halo?

celopik2 January 12, 2013

extra game i like it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mdstancil56 January 10, 2013

I never thought I would be excited about Banking, but when your Bank controls the manner of Offense or Defense you can support then things start changing. Big Bank= Big Fleets. Happy Hunting!!!

mdstancil56 January 07, 2013

I love my Stuka, It takes me soaring above the Battlefeid.It gives me the vision I lack on the ground to totally annihilate the Enemy.HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

mdstancil56 January 06, 2013

This is the Real Thing.I've gone deaf from all the Bombing!

mdstancil56 January 05, 2013

This game is so real that you'll smell the smoke of battle.Great Game

exocartonic January 03, 2013

i wake up early make 2 kills then have breakfast, i take a nap wake up make 2 more kills, play with myself then make 2 more kills.....i love this game

mdstancil56 January 03, 2013

This game is Wicked Awesome everyone has to play this game!!!!!!!!!

exocartonic January 02, 2013

if you're not attcking someone you are a chump!

mdstancil56 January 02, 2013

This is the best Browser Game to be played ever.The Weapons you use are period and are very accurate.This is a must try game.

mdstancil56 January 01, 2013

Great Stategy and Battle Game;Only the Best1111, The possibilities are Endless.Let's go Hunting.

dbuck2001 January 01, 2013

Gotta check this out. not played it much but is seems ok

exocartonic December 30, 2012

great game. i attack people every day. you can attack people everyday join today

THE Stormbringer October 02, 2012

Great game! Offers plenty of team work play. Plenty of ways to play and research.

phantasmaguru September 29, 2012

great game,a real good strategy game, with plenty of meta-gaming.

General Phlynt September 29, 2012

great game brings people to gether across the world

phantasmaguru September 28, 2012

I think its a great game, but the diamond player ruin it for many.

wnckrock September 21, 2012

I really like this game and desert operations but i think votes for free diamonds should be made easier for us to understand i voted a few times and have not recieved any diamonds and this is a rich mans game should be made a little more fair for people not so well off but thans and good day

THE Stormbringer September 19, 2012

Good game and plenty of player interaction. Fairly realistic but could use some improvement. Would recommend!

Greg41175 September 03, 2012

wargame1942 is a great game, has a few buys still but is fun to play. a place to make new friends.they need to give more diamonds for the money you pay. it help make more players interested in buying them and they should have the 50 % diamonds sales every other week.

jwhite01 August 28, 2012

A simple concept for game and yet so complicated to master.Five stars to to the creators of this masterpiece

longshot71 August 27, 2012

lets you make friends all over the world and work together to build up as a team and become good allies and good friends

longshot71 August 26, 2012

this game is fun for all people u get to make stuff that was in the world war 2 that not even made any more

horse321 August 26, 2012

Great game , good people . you gotta try it . Got to get in a good alliance and its hard to stop playing after that . Lets you plot and conspire , the twists and turns will keep you logging on . Many different servers and langauges to choose from . You can play at your own pace but the more you play the bigger the rewards .

car161 August 22, 2012

great game, very addictive and fun to play. a little slow at first until you get hooked.

xSlugx August 08, 2012

Great game! I recommend this to anyone who likes war + strategy games.

BigDaddy1234321 August 08, 2012

great game. The forums and chat areas are fun. excellent support

Porder August 05, 2012

Awesome game! I play it every day. Lots of ADRENALINE

Forrest46 August 04, 2012

very fun game. starts little slow at first but have really enjoyed the blitz server

yajr01 August 04, 2012

This game is addicting I like it ! The only thing that would make it better is....dang I got nothing

h07w33ls August 03, 2012

game has a few bugs that still need to be worked out but i enjoy it...

neattter August 03, 2012

my favorite MMO game by far. very challaging and addicting.

comin4ya August 03, 2012

if you enjoy DO try this game, its just as good, awesome strategy awaits

maslinkcc August 03, 2012

just started playing this game, its very interesting

TDAsh March 06, 2012

Really good game, those who liked Desert Operations will love this game, a whole diffrent experience and a nice change from the other looki games

TheBoss0567 February 26, 2012

Excellent game, the same as Desert Operations however, but with a different feel

drewd3 February 22, 2012

awesome game lots of complicated strategies to work with

vedranST February 22, 2012

nice gaME,I LIKE THAT KIND OF STRAATEGY GAME..but diamond are little expensive..

BERSERK February 22, 2012

This is a good and well thought out game, even if it moves at a snails pace and the Diamonds/premium features are way too expensive for what you get!

TheShadowedHorizon February 22, 2012

Just like DO, but set in 1942, and the fact that's its new allows you to become one of the best early.

Negative Score: 2729 | Reviews: 5
car161 June 27, 2017

turned a good game into a total shit money grab!!! get the credit card out if you want to play

Generalwillibe October 05, 2015

Stop the top events...they are only advantageous to the Looki shills and discourages regular players from wanting to play

G July 26, 2015

At first, this game seemed like one of the best strategy games on line. However, after you play it for a while you will realize it's all designed for you to spend money. Period. You're not going anywhere unless you spend your cash. The chat has moderators who dominate the chat. They can mute for any reason. The admin can ban for any reason. While in chat you must speak positively of the game. I'd stay away from this game if i were you.

erwin_rommell_III April 21, 2014

this used to be a great game but now with the change of the people running the game it has become a joke. They say one thing then do another. the rules change with every breath and they do not tell you that they have changed. Untill you get banned for a week.

ChrisLedoux March 21, 2013

Needs to have more life put into it with better weekend specials.