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Adrebia is an event driven, turn-based strategy game that allows players the ability to battle each other one to one in an effort to capture the most sectors. This text-based game has persistent user stats that allow players to track their progress over time as they compete in multi-week events. At the start of an event, all players are given 100 points that they can use to build their Space Command. Players spend points in three stats: Sectors, Economy, and Fleet. 1. Points spent in Sectors results in a larger Space Command. 2. Points spent in Economy will result in the player gaining more money at the start of their turn. 3. Points spent in Fleet will result in the player being allowed to have more units. Each turn player activates their sectors on their turn and issues one of 5 orders: 1. Attack and enemy. 2. Move units between sectors. 3. Deploy reserved units. 4. Purchase more units 5. Purchase more action points. Players utilize strategy to conquer their opponents in turn based combat. New events are started each week and last for several swiss structured rounds. Each round lasts seven real world days and allows players 10 turns a piece to defeat their opponent to earn event points. The winner of each event is the player with the most event points at the end of the event.
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