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New Browser based mmo games 2023 articles and announcements
Posted on in General News by Rav3n
NEW ERA Climb to the top alone or forge new alliances, your influence over the galaxy matters. EXPAND Grow your empire and name, build and conquer all over! SHIPS Deploy and design powerful ships, you won’t be short on firepower. [more]

MagicDuel turns 18! HOLIDAYS IN THE MAGIC DUEL REALM In Magic Duel, it's not generally who you can beat, but what relationships you can forge. People drift away to their other pursuits in the RL dimensions, but come back to Magic Duel to be with friends (or perhaps, duel with their nemesis). [more]

Posted on in General News by WarsCity
Wars City is a browser game via the Internet, and it is a mafia game that takes place in the world. The ultimate goal in this game is to spread your influence through the dark world, starting from a non-existent and poor character to make your way to the high rank of obscene wealth and the presidenc [more]

Posted on in General News by Groundzero
Erobere Land, plündere andere Spieler oder verteidige dich und treibe Handel. [more]

Posted on in General News by MafiaLifeRPG
MafiaLife is a free text-based online game launching soon. There are no limits to who you can be with infinite ways to play. Mafia Life is similar to Mafia Wars and Torn City. Build your wealth, power and respect. Compete with other players around the world. Find friends, or enemies, by teaming u [more]

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that soon it will be the 18th birthday of MagicDuel Adventure! We've been around for 18 years and we're celebrating this milestone with a big event. So mark your calendars and join us in the celebration! We have cookies :D See you soon! - The Magic [more]

Posted on in General News by ReOrigins
Join players from around the world in this multiplayer experience, where the only limit is your own ambition. ●Build your own empire, command your fleet, and conquer new worlds. ●Choose from a variety of spaceships, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. ●Expand your resources [more]

Posted on in General News by o0Corps0o
TextSpaced is a FREE text-based sci-fi MMORPG. It has been designed from the start to be enjoyed by blind and sighted people alike (and everyone in between). It is set in an infinite one-dimensional universe (imagine an infinite ribbon) with original art, high-quality music and, mechanics built arou [more]

Posted on in General News by Genialitats
At PuschelFarm it is all about your Puschels. Take care of as many virtual pets as you want and breed them for more success! Be creative and create your own personalised Puschels in the Puschel-Lab. Earn lots of Puschel-Coins in the Puschel-Work and leave them paying some Puschel-Coins at the Pusche [more]

Posted on in General News by Vyndictus
Mercenaries of War is a hardcore criminal survival game with PvP (Player vs Player), Crew Wars and Permanent Death. Keep yourself protected by buying weapons and stocking up on bullets. If you die, your character is permanently dead and you will have to start over fresh. You can also set a backfire [more]

Posted on in General News by coops
As most of you know, Core-Exiles is now over 15 years old. It's now over 2,500 pages of code and 51K+ of images. These have been created, added to and edited over that 15 years. It has many systems that are a little at odds with each other, and as such a much needed 'realignment' of some of these sy [more]

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Posted on in General News by Admin
This article is not updated, please visit the changelog section for updated info! Massive plans are ongoing :D Over the next couple of weeks, several interface changes will take place.  We are working on a new backend to replace the current one that is ancient and obsolete. As we ma [more]

Posted on in General News by Adam G
DEADLY HUSTLE is a text-based online RPG set in DEADLY HUSTLE, a dark, murky underworld where only the sharpest survive. In DEADLY HUSTLE you can be anyone and do anything. Build your character to infinite strengths and play it your way. DEADLY HUSTLE is a massively multiplayer game with thousand [more]

Chronicles is a role-playing game set in the Middle Ages in European, Middle Eastern and North African territories. You will find yourself in a dynamic environment where you will have to interact with other players and where events and the economy are driven by the same community. Travel to major ci [more]

Posted on in General News by Adrebia
Adrebia is an event driven, turn-based strategy game that allows players the ability to battle each other one to one in an effort to capture the most sectors. This text-based game has persistent user stats that allow players to track their progress over time as they compete in multi-week events. [more]

Posted on in General News by Dragnethar
Become Warrior, Merchant, Craftsman, Scholar or Politician. A classless system where you can create your own build and make your own story. Party up to take down challenging bosses and craft the best items to leave your mark in the history. [more]

Posted on in General News by xtreme
Xtreme-Crime gaat over een crimineel, opgepakt wegens verschillende misdaden. Na 10 jaar komt hij eindelijk vrij, en hij is uit op wraak maar is hier niet toe in staat door een ziekte, en vraagt jou wraak te nemen op de huidige maffia families ! [more]

Posted on in General News by jbrennan
NightFable: Trinity (NFT) is an idle side-scroller that combines elements of text RPGs and PBBGs into a graphical interface. Powered by HTML5 (WebGL) technology, NFT is playable on any platform. Currently, a dedicated iOS app is being developed, with Android and web browser apps already been made.He [more]

Posted on in General News by MobWars
Do you have what it takes to become the next Al Capone? Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra is a mafia MMORPG that you can play on your browser or mobile phone for free. Fight, complete missions or do challenges to earn money and gain experience. Skill points allow you to get more energy, which enables [more]

Posted on in General News by jbrennan
"NightFable: Trinity" (NFT) is a mobile game built with HTML5 technology, which combines many elements of turn based strategy games and persistent browser-based games (PBBG), presenting a new adventure continent. You can collect tons of heroes and build unique teams! NFT can be played on any device. [more]

Posted on in General News by Mafiagigant
Far Home is a real-time space strategy game that you can play with or against other players from all over the world. Expand your Mines, explore technologies, assemble a fleet and colonize new planets. Trade with friends, form an alliance or join an existing one. The game is playable with a web [more]

Posted on in General News by Vigorous
Once you choose a family, you will need to fulfill their demands, follow their orders and do everything you can for your family to raise to power and own as much territory as possible. This is a game where working as a team, committing organized crimes, performing heists and doing crimes with your f [more]

Posted on in General News by warventure
All fights start equal, no pay for bonuses, completely free! Fight solo to conquer the kingdom map or fight against other players. AI is configurable by YOU, you can participate in the development of the game! [more]

Posted on in General News by ShaoKhan
At alliance BOT, the name says it all. There will hardly be anything bigger than them. They always take off when the difference between light and shadow, light and dark or even strong and weak becomes too great. The size of the player and the attacks he has flown are evaluated here. Players are atta [more]

Posted on in General News by skg
A new round has begun, a great time to get involved since all players are back on the same footing! See you there. [more]

Posted on in General News by Fastfood
Establish your "fast food" realm, become the ruler of fast food. Team up with fellow players to develop your empire into a world empire. Together you are stronger and have to prevail against opponents and competitors. [more]

Posted on in General News by OriginalGangstersRPG
Revitalized by old school enthusiasts, it counts on a simple storyline and premise, intricate areas and a mischievous community, to deliver a competitive experience of rising from a lowly thug to a modern gangster and defining how you want to be perceived. [more]

Posted on in General News by truemafia
True Mafia is a free too play mafia game, start at the bottom and work your way through the top killing anyone that gets in your way or before they kill you! [more]

At the Mafia you can set up a crime organization of your own. You can train soldiers and slaves, gain resources, and attack other organizations. Don't fight alone! Join the Alliance and use its power. Successfully! [more]

Posted on in General News by MafiaShot
The Legendary EuroGangster is back with new name ! Let see some Mafia Shot Features : 1. Crimes 2. Steal Cars 3. Organized Crimes 4. Police Chase 5. Scavenge 6. Workout 7. Bullet Factory ( You can own the factory and have revenue ) 8. Casino Games ( You can own the casino games and have [more]

Posted on in General News by dwuneth
Dwuneth kingdom A free online fantasy text based roleplaying game - The kingdom is not what it used to be , 2 years ago the evil king of Northfort killed 90% of the citizens in Dwuneth . The survived citizens have been building up the Kingdom under the orders of king Odger . You are a citizen of a n [more]

Posted on in General News by SgtSausage
A text based 1940's mafia gangster type game. [more]

Posted on in General News by Dark Neroxus Admin
A medieval Textbased RPG title that has been around for 13 years, take control of your 2d character as you choose how you want to play. There are 15 skills in total: Combat/PVP, Mining,Fishing,Smithing,Woodcutting,Magic,Trading,Construction,Thieving, Speed,Farming,Cooking. With a full fledged [more]

Posted on in General News by theoutbreakgame
The Outbreak is a online strategy, survival and roleplaying browser game. It is based in a post apocalyptic world, where you survived and managed to secure a location within Kansas. It has become a community, growing bigger and bigger till the point you can call it a town. This is where The Outbr [more]

Posted on in General News by ezwip
Web based rpg that is completely free, no ads. Community driven game to compete for universal domination. Make friends and enemies in a game with active admin that don't ban you. This game has an active community. It is a math game at its core but a war game for its soul. Cgallenge your friends in a [more]

Posted on in General News by Mikaeles
In the Koralian sea lies an island that exists on no map. Free from the mark of man, a wild landscape has evolved over millennia. Eight displaced tribes have washed ashore and must contend with an island that seeks to remain undisturbed. Ragged foliage, unique canyons, barren wastelands, scorching [more]

Posted on in General News by macorleigh
[b]Free online text based gangster role playing game.[/b] Complete Missions, commit organized crimes with other gangsters, steal cars and tune them up then race against other gangsters, own and control casinos, bankrupt other gangsters casinos, murder other gangsters, extort other gangsters, deal dr [more]

Posted on in General News by criminalwars
Criminal Wars is an online mafia role-playing game. You will start your new life off as a civilian. you will have 2 options you can either join a family or you can create your own. Joining a family will place you as a associate and you will have to work your way up to becoming a made man in the fami [more]

Posted on in General News by BasicMAfia
A classic Mafia game with none of the fluff. Active owner with a coder on payroll. Lot's of events to come and stuff to keep you active but none of the bells and whistles. Train, Crime, Fight, and Join a Gang to become the best Mafioso on the streets. All suggestions will be considered and discus [more]

Posted on in General News by iceman420
Game Guide Fast Start Hire some thugs and bodyguards. These will defend you if you are attacked by another mafioso. Buy some weapons from the black market or your defensive units will get whacked. Look for a family to join. The guys in your family will back you up if anybody attacks you. Hi [more]

Posted on in General News by Thylen
Edominations is a game where you get to control your own citizen and help your country on the path to glory, power and prosperity. - Enlist in the army and train your strength to fight in the battles which will decide the fate of your country and allies, - Become a businessman and prosper [more]

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The Last Commission is a role-playing game set in the American 1980s. Your character has joined one of three notorious factions vying for control of the dwindling Commission. For decades, The Commission has governed over all organized crime in America, but after a series of RICO indictments and viol [more]

Posted on in General News by battlestaruniverse
BattleStar Universe is a space strategy game in real time. You can Trade, Fight, Explore the universe and compete with other players from around the world. You only need a normal browser, either on desktop or mobile. Create an economic and military infrastructure. Explore the latest technologies. Wa [more]

Posted on in General News by tkzone
There you are. In the sewer. Just out of jail. No money, no respect. How would you like to try to rebuild this respect? Buy an expensive palace? Pimping bitches? Wipe out your enemies? Maybe even start your own family and become the most powerful in the game! Of course you cannot achieve this of c [more]

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Ever wanted to show everyone that your the best? Than this hacker themed browsergame is the right game for you. Join now and fight against NPCs or other real players in the arena. Become even stronger by either upgrading your skills and therewith deal more damage etc. You like fighting alone? [more]

Posted on in General News by Awillizms
The Mafia, any non-criminal fears them. These mysterious and well coordinated criminal organisations are the fear of every law-abiding citizen. The horrifying era of the Mafia began in Italy on the island of Sicily back in the early 1900's . Armed robbery, murder and other violent crimes: these guys [more]

Posted on in General News by mimikri
Als der "Bedarf" der Menschen auf der Erde, mit den erreichbaren Ressourcen nicht mehr zu decken war, entschied man sich Kolonien in den Weiten des Universums zu gründen, um dem enormen Bedarf der Dominaten menschlichen Kultur zu befriedigen... Die verwandte Technik um jenes zu realisieren, so [more]

Posted on in General News by shaggyuk
free to play Mafia game . Become the best , make friends and have lots of fun. Prizes available [more]

Do you have what it takes to become the greatest gangster? Steal cars, employ prostitutes, produce and sell drugs, travel around the globe, not to mention frequent events, hosted by the admins, this will be the excelent solution to play out your thuggish impulses. [more]

Posted on in General News by Gaeokerena
Ravaged Worlds is a community driven, fantasy-themed card game that treads the traditional trading card game path with polished mechanics and extensive lore. With up to six players at a time in any match, with numerous bots and over 300 cards in its core set alone, Ravaged Worlds is a game not to [more]