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The world of Aloriah sends you back in time where the Gods of ancient mythology rule the world. Here you have to fight your way up with your Viking civilization to take over the World. It all begins with one village in the beginners? area, where the chall

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"One of the best browser games I have played. I recommend trying it out."

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Aloriah August 25, 2010

Really nice game, expand villades, level heroes, fight dragons, collect items and effects.

Aloriah August 02, 2010

this game is just great. I especially like fishing and exploring the world

Aloriah June 24, 2010

it's quite good but needs more content! the graphics are really nice :D

Aloriah June 21, 2010

This game is really great. Level heroes, collect items, expand villages as you try to accomplish the final goal - slaining the mother dragon in the centre of the world.

I personally love pvping and having my own wars with other players, it's a lot of fun and challenging.

Aloriah June 13, 2010

This game come with some new ideas, and the the graphics is great! I enoy it!

Aloriah June 11, 2010

I agree, great browser game! This game has some new ideas and a fresh look, and the first game I have seen with an intro movie.

Aloriah June 10, 2010

Graphics: Colorful and nice!
Gameplay: Exploring the world and settling new villages in other climate zones from where you start makes the game addictive.
Presentation: Presented with an intro movie at start! Sweet!

A really good game if you're into browser strategy games. If you played Travian or Tribal Wars but got tired of it - here is your chance.

Aloriah June 08, 2010

One of the best browser games I have played. I recommend trying it out.