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Cycling for Fun

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Cycling for Fun (CFF): The Ultimate Online Cycling Management Game

If you are a cycling enthusiast and love the thrill of managing a professional team, then Cycling for Fun (CFF) is the perfect online game for you. As the Directeur Sportif, you are handed the reins of your own professional cycling team, allowing you to dive into the thrilling world of professional cycling.

Establish Your Own Team

The game gives you the opportunity to establish your own team from scratch. You can select your own team members, train them, strategize, and manage everything down to the smallest detail, giving you a realistic feel of what it's like to manage a professional cycling team.

Compete for Fame and Glory

In CFF, you get to compete against other team managers from around the globe. You will be participating in the most important and prestigious cycling races, giving you the chance to prove your management skills and compete for fame and glory.

Take Charge of Everything

In CFF, you are in charge of just about everything. From training schedules to race strategies, rider contracts to team finances, you get to make all the decisions. It's your chance to experience the challenges and excitement of managing a professional cycling team.

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