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Dragon's Call


Dragon's Call, a brand new browser MMORPG has stunning graphics and a large variety of ways to play. Your character will be equipped with an variety of weapons, skills and magical abilities to help you in your journey through quests.

Publisher: GameDP
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"Awesome game still in Beta!!! The game play makes this game better than the rest of the browser games I have tried. The story is a little weak, but it is almost like a WOW based browser game."

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adamskydancer February 11, 2011

A good pass-time game for RPG fans! You can spend time just killing monsters and chatting. GMs are aways online.

adamskydancer January 22, 2011

really enjoying this game because there are so many things to do and many people to help you!

keep up the good work

adamskydancer January 12, 2011

This game is so addictive and awesome! It's really enjoyable. If you've ever thought of playing it you should really give it a go! :D

adamskydancer January 12, 2011

dragon's call is the best game ever. it is always fun and the jobs help so much. keep up the good work.

adamskydancer January 06, 2011

Its reaaly good browser game with lot of quest, instances and pvp. Easy to learn basic control so for me its absuletely best.

adamskydancer December 19, 2010

Hi I really liked this game since it provides a good feeling of satisfaction, expecially the arena battles.

adamskydancer November 02, 2010

Nicely done world with many opportunities for beginner explorers and experienced slayers, too.

adamskydancer September 30, 2010

Actually I have to say this is a well executed "casual" game. I play it alongside another mmo, hence the casual title. It is repetitive but you can mix it up with a variety of options. There's pvp, plundering, dungeons, guild wars and of course quest. Plenty of quest! There's a skill tree for and stat allocation per level. Character development is actually awesome as each class has 2 paths. Active chat. Yeah the game will keep you busy yet not overly consumed.

adamskydancer September 08, 2010

Best browser game out there in my opinion, Very enjoyable and lots of play time even tho its "energy" based! thumbs up!

adamskydancer August 12, 2010

this is an totally great game that lets you level fast collect billions of gold the spend

adamskydancer August 10, 2010

The game is excellent for a web base, Its fun, lots of features and great community, it also has free in game gifts for beginners ans while you level up, so what are you waiting for, come and join the fun.

adamskydancer August 08, 2010

One of the best web MMOs ever made! It provides a very good pvp system plus group quests which don't let the game get boring! A must play!

adamskydancer August 04, 2010

Was interesting at one time but the new updates like guild wars and promoted classes are total failures.
You need $3k+ to max out all buildings.

adamskydancer July 26, 2010

It is good browser game,I am playing now.It is one 2D game.I enjoy myself in it.