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Estrategia F1

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Estrategia F1: Your Own Online Formula 1 Scuderia

Welcome to the thrilling world of Estrategia F1, an immersive online game where you get to run your very own Formula 1 scuderia. As the team manager, your primary objective is to ascend to the elite group in your country and ultimately, to clinch the championship title.

However, the road to the top is not an easy one. The greatest challenge lies in maintaining a position among the top rankings. To realize this goal, you must exhibit exceptional management skills in handling your staff and devising the best race strategies.

In Estrategia F1, every decision you make has a ripple effect on your team's performance. From the training of your drivers to the upgrades on your cars, each choice you make will either steer your team closer to the championship or further away from it.

So, do you have what it takes to manage a top-performing Formula 1 scuderia? Are you ready to navigate the complex world of professional racing and lead your team to victory? Your journey to the top of the racing world starts here in Estrategia F1.

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"Great game! A state-of-art f1 manager game, with a lot of statrategy in there."

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ef1 January 26, 2012

Great game! A state-of-art f1 manager game, with a lot of statrategy in there.