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Fusion Empire


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Publisher: Nemesis
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"i think that this game i very cool and i really like it very much. it is a great game"

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bura January 07, 2012

fast server,no bugs,great amdin always online and ready to help

bura January 05, 2012

nice game happy to see its last not like other games who is shut down after 2 mounts

bura January 01, 2012

game is great an its realy playible i realy enyoj to play it

bura December 30, 2011

i really likte the game and i enyoy to play it every day

demonlocust December 25, 2011

good game very stable and without the usual bugs, got be be among the very best

bura December 24, 2011

this is a great game very playable am very excited to play it

bura December 23, 2011

i think that this game i very cool and i really like it very much. it is a great game

demonlocust December 21, 2011

good stable game which is growing day by day, very active admin always available

demonlocust December 20, 2011

among the very best off the fast uni games,havnt come across any major lags in game yet

shadownoob December 20, 2011

fusion >Empire si the best provate O-game server in the world with many diffrenrt options tray it u gona love it