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go2goal Football Simulator

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Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Footballer Experience

Step into the Shoes of a Footballer and Rise to Stardom

Welcome to a unique gaming experience where you get to live the life of a professional footballer. This is more than just a game, it's an interactive journey that allows players to fully immerse themselves into the world of professional football. Not only will you be playing football, but you'll also be living the life of a footballer off the pitch, training hard, and building your financial value.

Train and Improve Your Skills

In this game, you start as an aspiring footballer with big dreams. Your journey to the top starts from here. You'll need to train and improve your skills, mastering the art of football. The game offers a realistic training module where players can work on their physical attributes, technical skills, and tactical understanding of the game. The more you train, the better you become, and the higher your skills rating grows.

Increase Your Financial Value

In the world of professional football, your financial value is just as important as your skills on the pitch. As you progress in the game, perform well in matches, and gain popularity, your financial value increases. This value is a reflection of your worth as a footballer and can be used to negotiate contracts, endorsements, and transfers.

Become the Star of the League

Your ultimate goal? To become the star of the league. As you improve your skills and raise your financial value, you'll start to attract attention from the biggest clubs in the league. Perform consistently, and you could be the next big thing in football. This is your chance to leave your mark in the world of football and be remembered as one of the greats.

Join us in this unique gaming experience and start your journey to football stardom today!

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"This game is very awesome, fine and interesting. I love it!"

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Chokoreto12 April 03, 2017

Suuuuuper gra!!! Eksta, kocham <3 boska, cudna <3<3<3

Chokoreto12 January 06, 2017

This game is very awesome, fine and interesting. I love it!

lolek90 September 17, 2015

It's amazing! Best footballer simulator ever :) U MUST TRY IT!

mascot May 20, 2015

good game, I have enjoyed playing it from the start, hopefully, more players join to increase the activity

ThePro's December 28, 2014

this one is awsome but it's kinda slower then the games i used to play .

lolek90 November 10, 2014

This is the best simulator in the world! You must try this game. I think that if you try, you will be good in this. I LOVE GO2GOAL.PL!!!

adamzamjelskji July 05, 2014

This game is one of the best football player simulations ever made!

mascot June 22, 2013

This is a great game; I recommend it to anyone. It is realistic and the gaming is in depth. I've been playing this game nearly for a year now ; and I haven't stopped playing ;)

Agyro March 03, 2013

Very in depth virtual player simulator. Very much like a manager mode game.

King_of_Plaza March 02, 2013

Very, very, very good game. Be a one of a top player!

King_of_Plaza February 16, 2013

Very great game. I like football, football is great.

TheProphet January 23, 2013

Still learning the game Graphics are good thought and seem to go into depth so far positice reaction from out for more info

BadWolf91 January 22, 2013

its a lil cheecky not the best but it passes some time in between other games

SpeeDyxdd January 20, 2013

Very good game, a lot of functions and realy interesting

SpeeDyxdd January 19, 2013

Very good game, a lot of functions. Very good graphic.

darling2guy July 29, 2014

Really boring, UX disaster and not fun to play to be honest. Stay away for it, play Football Manager or something instead.