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Real-Time Massively-Multiplayer Fantasy Strategy Game: A New Era of Interactive Gaming

Welcome to the immersive universe of a real-time massively-multiplayer fantasy strategy game. This game is a groundbreaking blend of strategic elements that takes the gaming experience to an entirely new level. It incorporates various gameplay aspects such as city building, war, trade, diplomacy, research, and quests, all in a persistent interactive world.

Explore an Expansive Interactive World

The game is set in a vast, persistent world that lives and evolves even when you're not online. This world is not just a backdrop, but a full-fledged environment with countries, factions, and various geographical environments. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in the game, influencing your strategy and gameplay style.

Engage in City Building and Strategic War

City building is a core aspect of the game, where players get to construct, develop and manage their own cities. The war component of the game is equally engaging. It empowers players to form alliances, plan strategic attacks, and defend their territories. Every decision you make can significantly impact the game's outcome, making it an exhilarating experience.

Dive into Trade, Diplomacy, and Research

The game is not just about building and battling; it also involves intricate elements of trade, diplomacy, and research. Players can engage in trade with other players, form diplomatic relations, and even conduct research to unlock advanced technologies and upgrades. These elements add depth to the game and provide a wide array of strategies to explore.

Embark on Exciting Quests

Quests form an integral part of the game, providing players with challenges, rewards, and a sense of progression. From simple fetch quests to complex narrative-driven tasks, there's always something new to undertake and discover.

In conclusion, this real-time massively-multiplayer fantasy strategy game takes the genre to new heights with its blend of diverse gameplay elements. With its persistent and interactive world, it offers an unparalleled gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

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Price: 5 Gold
Publisher: Illyriad Games Ltd
Registrations: 1619
Review Score: 26587

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"im loving this game maybe seems to be like the clasic strategy game for mobile but the comunity its much more difrent and its really welcoming new players"

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Latest reviews

HDpass January 20, 2021

Theres a few aspects o the game i specialy liked after being able to establish my army, the map is big and a player alone cant take over the map alone he needs to make aliances y tought this game was somethign about someone taking over everithing at first but its better

HDpass January 19, 2021

after playing the game for few more hours i find outyou can make many cities and like have an empire this is a really great point for the game, so i still recomend.

HDpass January 19, 2021

im loving this game maybe seems to be like the clasic strategy game for mobile but the comunity its much more difrent and its really welcoming new players

Fragnhsak September 12, 2020

After having lived out the 'parents' accounts for a month in Illy, i've moved on to a real and final account and keeping the role playing element alive, i'm using the full feature rich set up of this game to make it an ideal fantasy world. Illyriad is a total gem!!

Fragnhsak September 08, 2020

Starting a second account to play a story. What other game could allow this while being able to dually lead a normal life

Fragnhsak September 08, 2020

5.45 am and i'm here to start off the constructions for the day

Fragnhsak September 07, 2020

Deleting my 'Alt' account, because the game is so organic and open that you don't need to be competitive or stress about anything at all. Play within your means and own your own world

Fragnhsak September 07, 2020

An immersive escape from reality to another reality

aakash August 29, 2020

Just about out of player protection, ready for the world. Wish me luck folks!!!!!

aakash August 29, 2020

\"is it really impossible that the real-life equivalent of a digital medivial-fantasy-world entity could not have a reasonable interaction with the modern human playing a game in the same fantasy world??\" That's how much this game can allow you to get into character, if that's what you want

aakash August 28, 2020

The game goes on. Community seems to be bustling, but the world seems to have so much more space for more!!!!

aakash August 27, 2020

Illy diaries 2, i'm writing a 'diaries' for the first time. CH.1: JUST AEWSOME

aakash August 27, 2020

I've just begun playing Illyriad a few days ago and it seems promising as an experience

Frankenkash August 26, 2020

Having played this for a few days now, i have reached a stage where i have to keep myself from spending too much time!! Easy to get involved and immersed. But just like the real (fantasy) life that this emulates, it pays to take your time. Savor the feeling of a real fantasy world!!!!

Frankenkash August 25, 2020

This game has shown me that we CAN find brilliance to this extent. All rounded brilliance.

PrincepDio June 16, 2014

The community manager tends to take things a little too personally and lashes out using dev privileges.

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